GMCC & Welling Ignite AHR Expo 2024 with One-Stop Full-Scenario HVAC and Refrigeration Solutions

CHICAGO, Jan. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — GMCC & Welling showcased their comprehensive portfolio and solutions in AHR Expo 2024 in Chicago, United States that with a full scenario coverage of residential air conditioners, commercial air conditioners, heat pump air conditioners, heat pump water heater, refrigerators, window air conditioners, vehicle air conditioners and thermal management for the North American market, demonstrating its competence in core technologies and global services as an global industry leader.

GMCC & Welling showcased in AHR Expo 2024

Zhang Qiyun, head of Amercican Market from GMCC & Welling, commented on GMCC & Welling’s presence on AHR Expo again this year, that “the one-stop HVAC and refrigeration portfolio and solutions we are bringing to AHR Expo today are industry-leading not only in terms of energy efficiency and reliability, but also in noise level control. Our users will be enabled to enjoy a more comfortable and quiet experience.”

According to Zhang, GMCC & Welling listens closely to the customer feedbacks from the North American market on environmental protection, energy efficiency, and noise level control, and follows the consumers’ voice to guide products R&D and upgrading. Meanwhile, GMCC & Welling continues its localized operation management and localized pre-sale and after-sale service capabilities, with attentions to local cultural and economic characteristics, and is committed to becoming a trusted partner for global customers.

At AHR Expo 2024, GMCC & Welling proudly presented a variety of innovative fixed-speed scroll compressors and commercial ECM motors, meeting the needs of appliance companies and consumers with high performance on efficiency, energy saving, and noise control.

GMCC fixed-speed scroll compressor can be used in American air duct machines, commercial air conditioners, refrigeration and heat pumps. The cooling capacity can match 11,362 W and 18,411 W for different residential needs. It uses R454B environmentally friendly refrigerant with industry-leading energy efficiency, noise control, and shock absorption capability. It has highly reliable performance leveraging its stable and accurate coaxiality process capabilities combined with multiple built-in protections.

Welling ECM motors can be used in American air duct machines and heat pumps. Equipped with frequency conversion technology, the motors are upgraded to be more efficient and energy-saving. In particular, the plastic-encapsulated ECM motors has a high stability leveraging constant torque and 6000V surge protection and the iron-shell ECM motors has an efficiency of up to 85%, a torque control accuracy of ±3%, and a noise reduction design that can control noise to be under 48 decibels, providing the ultimate quiet environment for our customers to enjoy.

With the increasing demand for HVAC and refrigeration, it is predicted that the global HVAC control system market size will jump to US$34.6 billion by 2030, with North America being the second largest market in the world after Asia Pacific. To meet the increasingly diversified market demands, GMCC & Welling have integrated core components such as compressors and motors to create system-level solutions that fully cover residential, light commercial, and automotive scenarios to showcase its one-stop full-scenario portfolio and solutions to its global customers.

GMCC & Welling is actively developing its global market and enhancing its globalized manufacturing footprint, serving global customers. With the successive commissioning of manufacturing bases in Thailand and India, GMCC & Welling now owns 7 R&D centers globally and 11 smart factories worldwide, consolidating and improving its R&D capabilities and supply chain reliability for the world.

About Midea Industrial Technology

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