GMCC & Welling Attends AHR Expo 2023 with an Entire Lineup of Products Covering a Wide Range of Applications

ATLANTA, Feb. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GMCC & Welling, a subsidiary of Midea Industrial Technology that provides system solutions for the core parts of home appliances, made an appearance at AHR Expo 2023 in Atlanta, USA, to showcase an entire solution of HVAC products including compressors, motors, and heat pumps for various applications such as US-style air conditioners, light commercial air conditioners, window air conditioners, refrigerators, heat pump water heaters (HPWH) and battery management systems. GMCC & Welling is set to take advantage of its globally leading innovation, manufacturing and supply capabilities to drive the green transformation of HVAC market, with its high-efficiency, low-noise, and high-reliability products.

GMCC & Welling at AHR Expo 2023

GMCC & Welling showcases products to set the trend for efficient and low-noise residential air conditioners

The HVAC market in North America is expected to reach USD 58.56 billion by 2028, creating a plenty of room for growth. To be better positioned to meet the growing demand in North America, GMCC & Welling is demonstrating its ability to cover a wide range of applications with AC compressors, refrigerator compressors, motors, and heat pumps at AHR Expo 2023. Specifically, three products including the R454B Scroll Compressor for Unitary Application, PSC Motor, and the Resin Housing ECM-Constant Torque are trendsetters for US-style air conditioners in terms of their high efficiency, low noise and high reliability:

R454B Scroll Compressor for Unitary Application

Design optimized for R454B and new DOE regulation Industry leading-efficiency, vibration and oil circulation rate, excellent reliability 1.5~5 ton capacity for commercial and residential applications

PSC Motor

48 Frame & 42Frame option Efficiency could reach 70% Mature process for Al winding, high reliability

Resin Housing ECM-Constant Torque

6000V surge protection, high reliability Fully potted electric module Efficiency up to 85% FOC vector driver, motor noise < 45dB(A)

GMCC & Welling is a system solutions supplier for all home appliance scenarios

In North America, GMCC & Welling provides customers with high-performance products including rotary compressors for unitary applications, scroll compressors for light commercial air conditioners/heat pumps, the R290 heat pump water heater compressors, vapor injection scroll compressors for heat pumps, refrigerator compressors, rotary compressors for window air conditioners, rotary compressors for battery management, and rotary compressors for RVAC. To address the different needs of customers for different applications, GMCC & Welling combines products and innovative technologies to offer system solutions for the North America market, covering residential, light commercial, water heater, and automobile applications.

To provide more localized services for customers in the North America market, GMCC & Welling will adhere to its localization policy, and optimize its service taking into consideration the local culture and economic landscape. Moreover, GMCC & Welling will work with local business partners to further enhance its technical support capabilities. GMCC & Welling accelerate its innovation, R&D and product iteration according to the changing needs of customers in North America.

About Midea Industrial Technology

Midea Industrial Technology, as one of the five business groups of Midea Group, takes science and technology as the core driving force. With technology leadership in intelligent transportation, industrial automation, green energy and consumer appliances, Midea Industrial Technology creates better life for billions of end users worldwide with green, efficient and intelligent products and technologies via a number of brands, including GMCC, Welling, Hiconics, Sunye, Servotronix, Dorna, MR, Mikon, Toshiba and Motivona.

Up to now, Midea Industrial Technology has built 27 R&D centers in China, India, and Japan, with an accumulation of more than 5,500 authorized patents. With an annual R&D investment of 1.1 billion RMB, the company continues to invest in core and cutting-edge technologies for high-precision products such as compressors, motors, chips, reducers, auto parts, servo systems and heat dissipation components.

Embracing the vision of Technology drives everything, Midea Industrial Technology is committed to supporting industrial development around the world with the power of technological innovation.