Global Digital Economy Innovation Competition 2023 Kicks off

Exploring the Future of Digital Intelligence with Global Digital Elites

BEIJING, June 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Promoting the development of the digital economy is a crucial strategic direction for many nations and a strategic choice to gain new competitive advantages and take the lead in development. To implement the overall planning for the Digital China initiative and foster the growth of the digital economy, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, the Chaoyang District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality and Asia Digital Group have organized this Global Digital Economy Innovation Competition (GDEIC for short). It seeks to identify high-quality innovation projects and outstanding entrepreneurial talents. The competition operates on a framework called “1+6+N,” which consists of a final competition alongside six sub-competitions and numerous supporting activities. The final competition is scheduled to take place on July 7 at the China National Convention Center in Beijing.

Seeking the innovative initiatives of the global digital economy

As a new economic form with data as the core factor of production, the digital economy contains strong momentum and strategic potential, and has become the focus of the development of countries around the world. Innovation and entrepreneurship projects centered on the digital economy have been featured front and center by governments at all levels, related industries, and investment institutions.

With the theme of “Intelligence Enabled by Digital Technology for a Brighter Future”, this GDEIC, centered around the trend of digital economy, emphasizes on the key development industries that include New-Generation Information Technology, Industrial Internet, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Security, Digital Healthcare, and Internet 3.0.

The selection process for the competition involves project collection and evaluation in over 30 cities worldwide, both online and offline. Holding overseas promotion activities can enable the development of international cooperation in the industry, scientific and technological innovation, trade and investment and cultural exchanges and the prospects for the planning of future digital economy. ” Going out” and “bringing in” will be combined by holding overseas sub-competitions and selecting overseas projects to participate in the competition.

Three sub-competitions are slated to take place in China. The first one will be held in Guangzhou on June 29 and will feature contests in network and information security services, big data collaborative security, network security insurance, digital finance, digital twins, metaverse, blockchain, NFT, photon applications, and more. The second sub-competition, held in Shenzhen on June 30, will focus on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, urban intelligent operation, AI scene application, digital healthcare, biomedicine, comprehensive healthcare, medical beauty,  and other related fields. The last one will be held in Beijing on July 3 and will include contests in 5G, integrated circuits, cloud computing, emerging software development, industrial metaverse, industrial ecology, Internet of Things, big data, and other relevant areas. The registration channel is open. Click to register.

Facilitating the innovative and high-quality development of digital economy

China ranks first in the world in the number of patents granted in key digital technology fields such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and quantum information. The digital economy’s cutting-edge technologies and outstanding industry development have captured the attention of many due to their innovation and superior quality.

The GDEIC is a prestigious international competition in the digital economy field in China. The judging panel of the competition is composed of renowned individuals from the global investment community, executives of investment institutions from both domestic and foreign markets, industry experts and scholars, leaders of government guidance funds, representatives from industrial agglomeration areas, technology experts, and leaders of software parks and incubators. Over 200 venture capital institutions around the world represented by IDG Capital, Sequoia Capital, SBCVC, ASB Ventures and GSR Ventures will send partners or executives to participate in the competition as investment mentors and guests, and conduct in-depth exchanges and interactions with contestants and projects, so as to offer suggestions for the development of innovative projects and the transformation and implementation of innovative achievements. The judging panel will select 12 projects from all over the world to enter the final.

In the final, a single champion will be crowned and granted a prize of RMB 500,000. Additionally, two deserving runners-up will receive a reward of RMB 300,000 each, while three second runners-up will be awarded RMB 100,000 each. The winners of the Outstanding Innovation Award will be recognized with certificates and trophies. All participating projects will be included in the list of key projects in digital economy in Chaoyang District, one of the organizer of the competition. Priority goes to award-winning landing project teams in policy support, such as talent settlement, rent reduction, scientific research and innovation, fund investment, and special industrial policies. This is in accordance with the development policies for the national and Beijing digital economy and the industrial policies of Chaoyang District.

Chaoyang District, as the core area of the capital’s digital economy, seizes the opportunity of Internet 3.0, accelerates the cultivation and optimization of the “3+X” industrial cluster ecology of the digital economy, and forms the advantages of industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, and digital security. Meanwhile, it is accelerating its layout in fields such as photons, digital healthcare, and Internet 3.0 represented by digital people, actively building new advantages in future industries, and facilitating the coordinated development of digital industrialization and industry digitization. As a dynamic platform, the competition aims to discover and showcase the most innovative digital economy initiatives from around the world, further bolstering the growth of Beijing’s digital economy. Besides, it strives to attract highly skilled technical talent, facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing, and foster transformation of cutting-edge technology and innovative achievements so as to accelerate the development of the digital economy and ensure its high-quality evolution.

A closed-door industry meeting is scheduled to take place in Chaoyang District simultaneously with the competition. The meeting will bring together various stakeholders such as governments, industrial parks, incubators, start-ups, and other units for exchanging information on industrial policies related to governments and industrial parks. The participants will also discuss ways for the industry to implement the STAR Market successfully. In this way, a direct communication channel between governments and enterprises can be established.

It is reported that the final will be held during the Global Digital Economy Conference 2023, which is hosted in Beijing on July 4-7 by People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Commerce, Cyberspace Administration of China, and China Association for Science and Technology.