GIGABYTE Announces Largest Prime Day and Fantastech Sale Ever

TAIPEI, July 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The largest shopping extravaganza of the year from Amazon and Newegg is back. For Prime Day 2022 and Fantastech 2022, GIGABYTE is aiming to leverage people’s summer entertainment and working experience with special offers on motherboards, laptops, and monitors. Whether the user is a student who’s looking for a portable powerhouse, a hardcore-PC gamer that’s in need of an upgrade, or a content creator that requires a fully accurate display, GIGABYTE offers a wide range of deals from laptops, PC components, to monitors, to bring up the experience to the next level. Amazon’s Prime Day will be live from July 12 to July 13. For Newegg, Fantastech will begin on July 11 and last until July 15. Check out the deals below: 

GIGABYTE Announces Largest Prime Day and Fantastech Sale Ever with Up to 50% Off

For shoppers with creative pursuits that prioritize portability while still having immersive gameplay and smooth workflow, the award-winning AERO 15 laptops with stunning 4K OLED panel is a great fit:

AERO 15 XD, was $1,999.00 now $1,399.00 (Amazon) AERO 15 XD, was $1,999.00 now $1,399.00 (Newegg)

To those who are seeking a powerhouse that can deliver a seamless gaming experience, GIGABYTE offers a wide range of deals, with notebooks equipped up to an RTX 3070Ti, that can satisfy any gamer’s wallet:

AORUS 17 XE4, was $2,449.00 now $1,699.00 (Amazon) GIGABYTE G5 GD, was $999.99 now $699.00 (Amazon) AORUS 15P XD, was $1,899.00 now $1,299.00 (Newegg) AORUS 15 XE4, was $1,899.00, now $1,299.00 (Newegg)

To make an effort to upgrade the monitors, don’t miss out on the deals on GIGABYTE’s world-first KVM monitors that can control multiple devices via one set of keyboard, display, and mouse, GIGABYTE M32Q and GIGABYTE M32QC. For those who are looking for a much more vibrant display that can push their gaming experience beyond its limits, the 2022 COMPUTEX Best Choice Award Winner, AORUS FO48U, is now on 47% sale off, alongside its AORUS monitors family:

GIGABYTE M32Q, was $499.99 now $349.99 (Newegg) GIGABYTE M32QC, was $419.99 now $279.99 (Newegg) AORUS FO48U, was $1,499.99 now $799.99 (Amazon) AORUS FI27Q-P, was $599.99, now $299.99 (Amazon) AORUS FV43U, was $1,099.99 now $679.99 (Amazon)

For those who are looking to leverage their rig but don’t want to go 12th Gen, please check out GIGABYTE’s offers on their Z690, Z590 and B550 line-up:

Z690 AORUS Gaming X DDR4, was $229.99 now $183.99 (Newegg) Z690 AORUS Elite AX DDR4, was $269.99 now $215.99 (Newegg) Z590 UD, was $189.99 now $132.99 (Amazon) B550 AORUS Pro AC, was $219.99, now $164.99 (Amazon) B550 AORUS Elite, was $179.99, now $134.99 (Amazon)

For more details on these great deals of Prime Day and Fantastech, visit GIGABYTE’s store page on Newegg and Amazon.