GienTech drives innovation and digital transformation with APAC debut of ORIGIEN financial-grade digital platform

HONG KONG, July 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GienTech Technology Co. Ltd., a leading China-based specialist in digital transformation strategy and solutions (formerly operated as Pactera), launched its brand in key Asia Pacific markets alongside the introduction of ORIGIEN Financial-Grade Digital Platform at an event in Hong Kong. Leveraging over twenty years of experience in digital transformation and global footprint, GienTech looks forward to empowering the financial services and other critical sectors through its “ORIGIEN + Solution + Service” business model. Guests from the government, private sectors and industry associations attended the event, and discussed extensively on the digital challenges and opportunities faced by the industry within a broader digital economy.

From the left:Mr. William Wong, General Manager of GienTech Overseas BFSI (Banking, Finance, Security and Insurance) & Business Unit HK; Mr. Li Kang, Vice Chairperson of the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association Information Technology Committee; Mr. Feng Ming Gang, Executive Deputy General Manager of GienTech; Mr. Zeng Shen Dian, Vice President of the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association; Mr. Li Xi Guang, Chief Executive of China Development Bank Hong Kong Branch

Through continuous R&D and innovation, GienTech builds financial-grade digital infrastructure for extensive industry scenarios. The company offers IT solutions, consulting services, DevSecOps, technical-stack software development and quality assurance services across different industries. GienTech’s overseas footprint includes Japan[1], Singapore, and Malaysia.

Feng Ming Gang, Executive Deputy General Manager of GienTech, said: “As part of our strategy to drive global digital transformation, we are launching GienTech in Hong Kong and Singapore with a commitment to bringing our rich experience and best practice in digital transformation to the city and to markets worldwide. We will leverage our advantages in global footprint, R&D innovation, and talent pool to provide comprehensive and high-quality digital transformation products and solutions that will empower customers both inside and outside China.”

GienTech introduced its new product ORIGIEN Financial-Grade Digital Platform to Hong Kong and overseas markets at the event. Designed specifically for financial services and other critical industries, ORIGIEN is a new type of digital infrastructure developed amid the global digital transformation wave and IT architecture migration. The product draws on GienTech’s 20-plus years of industry experience and practical work helping top-tier financial institutions with their digital transformation. ORIGIEN enables systematic IT architecture upgrades, large-scale software development and digital transformation. The product meets the high technical standards that are a prerequisite for the financial sector.

William Wong, General Manager of GienTech Overseas BFSI (Banking, Finance, Security, and Insurance) & Business Unit HK, said: “Since our launch in China’s mainland, ORIGIEN has had many successes, being implemented in more than 100 projects including by many large commercial banks, leading insurance companies, and securities institutions. The product has a proven track record for delivering business capacity, processing performance and stability. Supported by ORIGIEN and led by consulting services, we have built a comprehensive product and service ecosystem covering digitalization, digital marketing, digital operation, and digital risk control. We look forward to empowering Hong Kong and overseas enterprises with our ‘ORIGIEN + Solution + Service’ model’ and optimizing their digital transformation path.”

Customer representatives from the Hong Kong Jockey Club, WeBank and Livi Bank also attended the event and participated in a panel discussion. Spokespeople from the three companies shared their experience working with GienTech and looked to the future application of new digital technologies including ORIGIEN.

ORIGIEN essentially comprises three platforms: the Infrastructure Support Platform, the Data Construction Platform, and the Data Asset Platform.

Infrastructure Support Platform: ORIGIEN’s Infrastructure Support Platform leverages system engineering methods to build a next-generation cloud-native data center solution using a series of technology components. It adopts a layered open decoupling approach to enhance the operational and maintenance efficiency of the data center, supporting the foundation for digital transformation. It also develops a digital security system solution, providing proactive, intelligent, and dynamic security protection capabilities for digital construction, data-driven initiatives, and digital innovation. The platform offers a complete, trusted, and configurable foundational operational support environment for applications, meeting critical requirements such as high capacity, high concurrency, high availability, and high security in key industries like finance.

Data Construction Platform: ORIGIEN’s Data Construction Platform is designed to address the growing scale and complexity of systems. It provides integrated tools and standard specification systems for business development and operations, including business modeling, system design, cross-domain low-code development, system testing, continuous integration and deployment, project management, R&D assets, R&D security management, and R&D process management. This platform supports agile innovation and continuous iteration of digital applications, solidifies standards, reduces complexity, ensures quality, and accumulates architectural assets. It allows developers to focus on business implementation and improves software production efficiency in a fully digital manner. The platform also offers a range of tools and platforms for technology architecture migration and switching, enabling smooth transitions and stable operation across multiple technology stacks.

Data Asset Platform: ORIGIEN’s Data Asset Platform is designed with the goal of data asset accumulation and value creation. Leveraging big data technology, AI technology, and data security technology, it provides a comprehensive data intelligence foundation that integrates data governance, data hub, and AI platforms. By combining industry expertise and data governance practices, it enables data-driven business operations and lean management, facilitating the transformation of business data into valuable assets.

ORIGIEN strives to assist enterprises in three ways:

Empowering the creation of enterprise-grade technology platforms: As an enterprise-grade technology platform for industries such as finance, ORIGIEN meets the needs of digital transformation and business development. It builds a customer-centric, service-oriented, and technologically advanced architectural system. Furthermore, it integrates or reconstructs other application systems through the technology platform to meet the demand for rapid business innovation. This comprehensively enhances the product competitiveness, data governance capabilities, marketing service capabilities, risk control capabilities, operational management capabilities, and architectural support capabilities of industry users.

Supporting the construction of distributed core systems: ORIGIEN enables financial institutions to achieve high-speed responsiveness, sub-second scalability, and multi-site multi-active configurations for their core applications. It ensures the consistency of accounting and the security and stability of banking core systems. Through enterprise architecture business modeling and cloud-native microservices patterns, it also facilitates efficient alignment between business capabilities and IT architecture. This brings strong flexibility, composability, embeddability, and scalability, supporting financial institutions in building a new generation of distributed core business systems that seamlessly adapt to the digital era.

Empowering accelerated digital transformation: ORIGIEN, based on cloud-native technology infrastructure, data-driven capabilities, and the utilization of data assets, combined with a business agile center through the adoption of a centralization approach, efficiently supports financial institutions in the rapid delivery and launch of various innovative applications, including digital business, digital marketing, digital risk control, and digital operations. This enables financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation and upgrade in various domains.


About GienTech

Founded in 1995, GienTech has a total of 42,000 employees across China and in overseas markets, serving over 600 financial institutions, and more than 160 Fortune 500 companies. GienTech has ranked first in the IDC China banking solution market for five consecutive years and has been selected in the global top 100 in the IDC Financial Insights FinTech ranking for eight consecutive years.  Its strict quality and management principles have passed CMMIL5, ISO27001, ISO9001, ISO20000 and many other international certifications. It is a global leader in project management, quality management and engineering management of software development.

[1] GienTech Japan is operated under the brand Pactera