Get SAT Introduces Two New FULLY Electronic KU ESA Solutions for Aviation, Land, and Maritime

REHOVOT, Israel , Aug. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Get SAT is proud to introduce its two newest electronically steerable antennas (ESA), the LESA Aero Ku and the Sling Blade KU Land Maritime (LM).  Designed from the ground up for Multi-Orbit/Multi-Constellation operations. These Ku ESA designs use Get SAT’s breakthrough 2D fully electronically steered antenna (ESA) system for SATCOM-on-the-move connectivity. Get SAT’s ESA systems are a fully integrated, all in one terminal that are scalable in size and performance to fit various application in the air, on land or at sea.

Sling Blade ESA electronic antenna

LESA Aero Ku is a small, compact solution that will support all ranges of airborne platforms sizes to include wide body aircraft, executive aviation, and rotary wing operations, basically any in-flight connectivity.  Its low-profile design makes it perfect for integration on any aviation platform to include already in place fuselage mount designs.  LESA also enables the end user the ability to switch from LEO to GEO operations on the move in an instant providing true multi-Orbit operations.

Sling Blade Ku LM is Get SAT’s latest design for use with land and maritime on the move platforms with the most stringent of environmental requirements.  The Sling Blade Ku LM will provide a fully integrated package including modems.  Sling Blade Ku LM’s low profile, compact design allow for a myriad of installation options to support a range of military and commercial use cases.  Its Multi-Orbit capabilities will allow government and military planners to support a robust PACE plan for C5ISR requirements.

Get SAT’s two new ESA designs have a number of key features: both have 2D beam steering, are full-duplex, and conduct handover between satellites in <800ms, in addition to multi beam operation.  Designed with no moving parts, no calibration is required therefore providing long-term reliability and lower maintenance costs.   They are optimized for mobile connectivity, have a short acquisition time, and excel in high dynamic tracking in harsh environments.

Kfir Benjamin, Get Sat CEO says: “These two new Ku ESA designs are a culmination of two years of data and requirement gathering from our most valued Government and Military end users.  We are extremely proud to deliver what we feel will be a critical piece in future C5ISR planning to provide no fail communications in the harshest environments”

About Get SAT

Get SAT is the leading provider of Micronized Satellite Terminals. The InterFlat is the latest breakthrough in antenna panel technology, providing the world’s highest efficiency performance in the smallest package. Combining the InterFlat with our state-of-the-art control and tracking mechanism, creates the most powerful and fully contained satellite terminal system. The InterFlat is a leap forward in capability and SWaP, enabling us to provide truly portable, full duplex, wide-band satellite communications services. Get SAT customers include top tier defense, commercial and technology companies. The Get SAT team is composed of industry leading experts with multi-disciplinary skills, dedicated to providing an exceptional, agile and affordable customer experience.