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DUBAI, UAE, Dec. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — FindGuide, a new platform that connects local guides with travelers worldwide, has launched its app for travelers on both Apple’s iOS app store and Google’s Android Play Store. Now tourists can find, contact, and create exclusive tours with local guides anywhere in the world without leaving the app or going through a third party.

Discover the new FindGuide app for finding local guides

Today’s “modern holiday packages” have diminished the joys of exploring history and cultures when traveling far from home. People now miss the best part of vacationing: going on adventures with locals who take you to thrilling locations and inspire you with their stories.

FindGuide was created to make private tours simple, accessible, and interesting for everyone, regardless of age, orientation, background, and views.  The FindGuide App offers access to hundreds of local guides across more than 100 cities worldwide, including those in Europe, North & South America, Southeast Asia and more.

Available in 5 major languages, it has intuitive in-app navigation with a beautiful interface that makes the tour-creation process fast and seamless. The FindGuide App also offers the creation of your personal walking tours and vehicle tours and gives you recommendations on the best spots with local cuisine.

Travelers just have to download the app, choose their destination and travel dates, and set their preferences. They can pick from a selection of local guides or wait for a guide to contact them.

All local guides on FindGuide are experienced and have their own unique take on their city tours. And for more conservative travelers, FindGuide has highly qualified veteran guides with certificates.

Get the FindGuide app now and let your vacation become more than just a trip