Generative AI Advances Showcased at MWC 2024

The Chinese company iFLYTEK has released AI-generated content applications for enterprises and beyond.

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — MWC Barcelona, held this year on February 26-29, is one of the global telecommunications sector’s pre-eminent expos. It attracts industry giants including telecom operators, equipment providers and smartphone manufacturers from around the world—and iFLYTEK, a leading Chinese AI company known for its groundbreaking work in voice recognition and natural language processing.

China has been an important spur for global economic growth, first powered by its manufacturing exports and more recently by its tech companies. Within the decade, Chinese players like Huawei have been gradually expanding overseas. In the heated competition to develop AGI, or artificial general intelligence, the two main contenders have been China and the United States. While the U.S. is still in a leading position, China has also developed many large model applications in areas like enterprise services. iFLYTEK has begun to promote AGI-based products globally.

The company has introduced an array of applications driven by generative AI and deep learning, including enterprise services, intelligent marketing and smart living environments. These offerings are distinguished from the more generalized tool-based applications and software developed by U.S. companies like OpenAI and Midjourney as being more directly aimed at fulfilling the specific requirements of businesses and consumers.

Business management solutions: SparkDash

Dubbed “Dash,” this product serves as B2B business decision-support software, designed to alleviate the challenges managers face when navigating complex and evolving information landscapes. SparkDash leverages advanced technologies such as auto speech recognition, large models and avatars, enabling seamless integration with diverse corporate systems and data sources. This integration helps managers gain a comprehensive, precise and quick overview of business operations, facilitating informed decision-making. SparkDash features virtual human narrators who respond to queries about operational data as if they were real-life colleagues, helping to simplify and enhance workplace dynamics.

For company leaders, SparkDash can serve as an operational management hub or an analytical assistant during business meetings. For staff and products, respectively, the software can work as a data assistant or promotional aide.

Imagine managing an offline media advertising firm with extensive elevator and billboard ad resources.  SparkDash enables rapid and precise visualization of sales control data across locations through natural language inquiries. It integrates multiple dimensions such as sales status, publication rates, viewership, and conversion rates to evaluate and analyze the potency of advertising spaces. Furthermore, in pre-sale customer interactions, SparkDash can provide a standardized presentation of the company’s site resource sales strategies to the clients, ensuring clear and professional communication.

SparkDash is composed of modules for business scenarios, interaction and data analysis, underpinned by AI technologies including large models, virtual humans and semantic knowledge bases. It offers flexible deployment options, including software-as-a-service and on-premises, with a low entry barrier thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop configuration.

iFLYTEK’s Multilingual SI System
International conferences have traditionally employed simultaneous interpreters on-site, primarily serving key participants. The Multilingual SI System developed by iFLYTEK transforms this field by capturing conference audio for voice-to-text processing and delivering transcribed and translated content back to the conference screen in real time. This greatly enhances communication efficiency while respecting participants’ diverse cultures and languages. Currently, iFLYTEK’s Multilingual SI System can translate languages that include Chinese, English, French, Russian, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Arabic.

Enterprise lead generation and conversion: iFLYTEK SparkGen
Revolutionizing video content creation is SparkGen, which enables users to effortlessly produce digital spokesperson videos. Since video content tends to be more informative and engaging than static images, it can significantly benefit brand owners and e-commerce sellers by providing a quick understanding of product features on websites and product pages, thus enhancing user interest, dwell time and, ultimately, conversion rates. With SparkGen, brands and sellers can create audiovisual content by simply inputting a script and selecting a virtual host, eliminating the need for high production costs and specialized editing skills. This user-friendly approach allows for the rapid generation of promotional videos, streamlining marketing material production and maximizing efficiency.

Smart living with Smart Voice Panel
The Smart Voice Panel represents a new era of smart living, offering a seamless, personalized home experience. At the moment of homecoming, curtains close, lamps gently turn on and a friendly voice extends a greeting while selected music starts to play. Without the need for remote controls and switches, the system makes smart home interaction more intuitive and enjoyable.

Smart Voice Panel transcends previous smart home solutions by offering integrated control, conversational interface and adaptive scenes in collaboration with the real estate and home furnishing industries, setting a new benchmark for quality living. It resolves the challenges of fragmented control and poor interaction associated with intelligent interaction, allowing for comprehensive voice control over home appliances and systems. The Smart Voice Panel’s reliance on iFLYTEK’s leading voice technology allows for intelligent interactions with home systems. It is equipped with a large language model (LLM), enabling capabilities such as multi-turn dialogue, multi-intent understanding, and personalized scenario generation, truly creating a tailored and attentive butler for each user. Furthermore, it offers a secure, offline functionality that safeguards user privacy and data while delivering a trustworthy smart home experience.

Chinese AI connecting the world
At MWC, iFLYTEK introduced a range of applications powered by generative AI and deep learning, heralding a new chapter in the productivity revolution. Later this year, the Chinese company is set to introduce enterprise services and smart living solutions in Dubai and Southeast Asia, marking another step in its global expansion. Generative AI represents a significant breakthrough in the dedicated research into artificial intelligence as AI-driven applications become integrated into business practices and everyday life. This shift is sparking a sea change in productivity and creativity, potentially transforming roles, services and application paradigms across various industries. Entrepreneurs and business leaders in all sectors are being encouraged to embrace and leverage artificial intelligence to adapt and thrive in these rapidly evolving times, and thus bolster their competitive edge.