Geespace Achieves First Overseas Deployment, Paving the Way for Global Connectivity

BEIJING, June 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a groundbreaking development for commercial space exploration, Chinese aerospace company Geespace has successfully deployed its Geely Future Mobility Constellation overseas. The first commercial communication test was completed in Oman in the Middle East, in partnership with leading global telecom operators, marking the first use of a Chinese commercial low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation for communication outside China.

The Geely Future Mobility Constellation has already deployed satellites in two orbital planes, with the third set to launch later this year. The fourth plane will feature satellites with Direct-to-Cell communication capabilities, providing services to a vast number of existing mobile devices. Leveraging this constellation and its proprietary satellite communication chip, Geespace aims to offer reliable, low-cost services across sectors, including autonomous driving, intelligent connected vehicles, and consumer electronics.

Global Connectivity

The Oman deployment represents a significant milestone, demonstrating rapid and efficient global application. The test achieved a communication success rate of 99.15% and network availability of over 99.97%. The satellite terminals have a 50dB anti-jamming capability, ensuring stable signal reception in harsh environments.

The constellation uses Geespace’s proprietary algorithms and protocols, to establish a secure, reliable, and stable bidirectional satellite communication link, ensuring efficient, real-time data transmission to support global connectivity.

Global Satellite Communication Platform

Geespace has developed a robust software application platform to support the global deployment of its constellation. This platform provides foundational communication support, including data distribution and network routing planning, with telecom-grade reliability, stability, and security. It meets commercial international needs, defines global satellite application products and diverse billing models, and can serve millions worldwide.

In addition to these services, Geespace offers industry-specific solutions, such as an intelligent maritime monitoring platform, creating an integrated and efficient satellite communication ecosystem.

Expanding into the Middle East and Africa

In early June, Geespace entered into a strategic partnership with Oman’s Azyan Telecom to promote satellite communication services in the Middle East and Africa. These regions face challenges in building terrestrial infrastructure, and satellite communication can bridge these gaps, providing essential services.

The Middle East benefits significantly from satellite communication, supporting remote monitoring, data transmission, and emergency communications. Geespace and Azyan Telecom will collaborate with Omani regulators and mobile operators to conduct direct-to-mobile satellite communication tests. They plan to launch services and extend commercial satellite services to other Middle Eastern and North African countries by 2025.