Geeetech THUNDER Kickstarter Campaign Starts, High Speed 3D Printer Up to 300mm/s

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — From September 15th, Geeetech’s new 3D printer THUNDER with up to 300mm/s printing speed is ready for pre-order on Kickstarter. Super early birds will get a bottom price. 

thunder kickstarter campaign starts

High Speed 3D Printing Up to 300mm/s

Most traditional FDM 3D printers limit the printing speed to 100mm/s, but Geeetech THUNDER allows users to print at the speed of 50-300mm/s with acceleration of 5000mm/s² for X-axis and 4000mm/s² for Y-axis. It saves 30%-70% printing time according to the model complexity. It pre-set 4 modes: Slow mode/Normal mode/Fast mode/Crazy mode. THUNDER also enables a User Mode which allows users to set and share their customized parameters.

Innovative Technologies for Achieving Fast Speed Printing

The excellent speed of Geeetech THUNDER is achieved by all-metal construction, X/Y-axis closed-loop control, advanced firmware algorithm, Y-axis damping mechanism, 5 cooling fans, dual CPU control and efficient extrusion system.

The all-metal design increases the weight and reduces the center of gravity of the machine, allowing fast speed and extreme acceleration. THUNDER adopted closed-loop driver. Compared with open-loop driver, closed-loop driver produces greater torque, monitor the printing process intelligently and response in real time,the print is not easy to dislocate. Combined with the dual CPU control, THUNDER is enabled to manage tasks effectively.

Geeetech THUNDER designed a Y-axis damping structure, which intelligently manages the speed changing and largely reduces the vibration rate of the printer, allowing smoother movement for hotbed.

To cope with high speed printing, THUNDER adopted dual-drive gear extruder, large volume nozzle and up to 70W heating rod. For strong cooling, THUNDER designed two high-volume cooling fans besides hotend fan and added two auxiliary part cooling fans to achieve single-layer high-speed printing. These 4 fans can be turned on at the same time to offer strongest cooling.

Price and Availability

The retail price of Geeetech THUNDER is $699. THUNDER has gone through thousands of tests and is currently in mass production. Users can find full specs of THUNDER here. After THUNDER Kickstarter campaign ends, Geeetech will start shipment by early November.



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