Gearing up to 11.11: TikTok Shop Shopping Center offers an exciting shopping experience

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – For Indonesian netizens, double-date sale promotion is the most awaited moment to make online transactions. Including the upcoming 11.11 sale, where the ‘+62’ netizen will get to re-embrace abundant promotions from various merchants and interact with the sellers through entertaining live streams in TikTok Shop Shopping Center feature in TikTok App.

Sambut Momen 11.11: Sensasi Pengalaman Seru Berbelanja di TikTok Shop Shopping Center

TikTok Shop Shopping Center is the latest feature launched by TikTok Shop Indonesia, where users can have a different online shopping experience compared to other e-commerce apps. This feature introduces a new concept called Shoppertainment, where brands and businesses can optimize their presence by providing entertainment to the audiences (entertainment first) before inviting them to make purchases in their shop (e-commerce second). TikTok Shop Shopping Center, located within the ‘Shop’ tab in the application, also allows for any possible interaction between merchants (sellers) and users (buyers) to gain information and reviews of the desired products and offerings.

“Through Shoppertainment, we want to create an impressive shopping experience for users at TikTok Shop Shopping Center. They will not merely browse various products from various existing merchants, but also will get some entertainment by watching the sellers’ broadcast and live-stream their activities in creative and interactive ways,” said a Representative of TikTok Shop Indonesia.

TikTok Shop Shopping Center allows a personalized shopping experience for users as the algorithm works based on the user’s habits and interests while using the app to find suitable products with the best price possible easily. These broad advantages are what made the various merchants’ products sell in a short time and become high in demand. As happened in the 10.10 campaign last month, Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) or total purchased value from users on TikTok Shop skyrocketed to 148%, in which TikTok Shop Shopping Center feature contributed 17.7% to achieve that.

Key Takeaways from Participating Brands

Scarlett Whitening and Dunia Fashion88, two brands participating in the previous TikTok Shop Shopping Center 10.10 sale campaign, shared their success strategy. During 3-10 October 2022, Scarlett Whitening successfully grew their GMV by 221.3% with a 10.3% contribution from TikTok Shop Shopping Center. Scarlett Whitening set a competitive market price for their products, collaborated with TikTok Shop content creators, went on live streaming sessions featuring their products, and used a promotion boost feature called Live Streaming Ads (LSA).

Meanwhile, for Dunia Fashion88, a merchant who sells imported women’s shoes, TikTok Shop Shopping Center is an online shopping platform that understands the young generation’s needs the most. Dunia Fashion88 also appreciates TikTok Shop Indonesia’s commitment to supporting the brands and business players, especially local brands, to help them expand their market reach and to make them more appealing to potential customers.

To reach a younger target audience in TikTok Shop, Dunia Fashion88 created and published 1 or 2 short video content daily. This merchant also activated the flash-sales feature during their live stream to upsell their best-selling products and other marketing gimmick ideas to capture further audiences’ interest that could generate more leads.

This November, to enliven the upcoming 11.11 sale campaign, TikTok Shop Shopping Center will offer promotions for users who have kept an eye on 3C product categories, such as Computer/IT, Communication technology, and Consumer electronics. The promotions will also include coupons for free shipping. Other than that, users will have the chance to join a smartphone flash sale event, with the price starting from IDR 11,000, and other electronic products from IDR 1,111.

“We hope that this 11.11 sale campaign in TikTok Shop Shopping Center will further strengthen the existing synergy between TikTok Shop and the business players, especially local brands, to develop and grow together,” added the Representative of TikTok Shop Indonesia.

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