GDS’s First Self-Built Hong Kong Data Center: Successful Move-In by All Customers, HK1 Emerges as One of the Tallest Purpose-Built Data Centers in Asia

HK1 will be a crucial carrier-neutral, multi-cloud and data exchange hub of Asia-Pacific, supporting international and mainland Chinese enterprises with their cross-regional business and low-latency data transmission needs.

HONG KONG, Dec. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GDS (NASDAQ: GDS; HKEX: 9698), a leading developer and operator of high-performance data centers in Asia announces the successful completion of customer move-in at HK1, its first self-built data center in Hong Kong. Located in the Kwai Chung district, HK1 data center provides a total IT power capacity of 18.8MW with a floor area of approximately 22,931 sqm. At 22 stories[1], HK1 stands as one of Asia’s tallest purpose-built data centers.

Early 2021 marked the beginning of GDS’s overseas expansion strategy. Starting from Hong Kong, GDS started planning and building four self-built and self-operated data centers in the city, with the long-term goal of creating a high-performance data center cluster in the region. This endeavor helps meet the growing data capacity demands of domestic and international financial institutions, internet and cloud service providers, international telecommunications providers and local enterprises, while offering secure and reliable low-latency data center services. The design of HK1, which has been awarded international certifications such as the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification and the BEAM Plus certification, aligns with GDS’s vision for sustainable development and supports the achievement of carbon neutrality and 100% renewable energy usage goals by 2030.

Strengthening its presence in the Greater Bay Area and facilitating data business excellence
GDS currently operates or will soon operate 18 data centers within the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Apart from HK1, the company has data centers in Huizhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Heyuan. Moreover, Huidong County of Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, serves as the base for the Greater Bay Area data center, reflecting GDS’s multi-location strategic expansion approach. Recognizing the Hong Kong government’s commitment to promoting digital economic development, GDS expects HK1 to become a crucial carrier-neutral, multi-cloud and data exchange hub in Asia-Pacific. GDS believes it will support the cross-regional business, low-latency international network and internet data transmission needs of overseas and mainland Chinese enterprises.

Mr. William Huang, Chairman and CEO of GDS stated, “HK1 is GDS’s first self-built and self-operated data center in Hong Kong. It marks a significant milestone in our plans to establish a high-performance data center cluster in the city. With the widespread adoption of technologies such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence across various industries, we see an expanding demand for data services. In the future, we will actively expand in the Hong Kong market, introducing more data centers in the region to support our customers’ innovative developments and contribute to the transformation of Hong Kong into a smart city.”

[1] Including two basement floors

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