GCCL Develops PBMC Resource Management System

To enhance accuracy and credibility of sample management and provide real-time information for customers

YONGIN, South Korea, March 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GCCL (Global Clinical Central Lab), a company specializes in clinical trial sample analysis, announced on Mar. 17 that it has built a resource management system for Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs), or PBMC Resource Management System.

Under the PBMC Resource Management System, the whole process of PBMC testing, from the arrival of an original sample, centrifugation, and production of vials for split sample PBMC, to storage, dispatch mapping and disposal, is managed and stored in a computerized system using 2 barcodes.

The system creates exclusive barcodes for each original and split samples after mapping, and the end-to-end testing cycle is computerized in the system. This will prevent human errors from manual entry and allow real-time data provision upon customer request.

“With more and more clinical trials for new biologic drug development, such as immunotherapy drugs require Cell Mediated Immunogenicity (CMI) analysis, we have decided to build this IT system to ensure excellent PBMC production and management services for customers.”, said Hee-Joo Lee, Vice President of GCCL Lab Operation. She added, “This system development is expected to bring safer, more efficient and credible sample management services.”

About GCCL

GCCL, a Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP)-certified agency accredited by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of South Korea, is a clinical trial sample analysis company that provides services for all phases of clinical trials from phase 1 to 4. Based on its variety of analysis platforms that meets the global quality standards and its own sample logistics system, the company is providing clinical trial sample analysis services for its partners across Asia and beyond.

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