Game Changer: Sungrow Unveils New C&I String Inverter SG50CX-P2-JP in Japan

TOKYO, March 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Sungrow, a global leading PV inverter and energy storage system supplier, unveiled its new C&I inverter product SG50CX-P2-JP during the WSEW Tokyo 2024, which will energize the local C&I solar market.

Rising electricity prices, business model reform, land shortages, and other factors have prompted C&I parks to use photovoltaic power generation to reduce risk and carbon emissions. The PV market is experiencing rapid growth, making PV inverters, the core equipment of solar power plants, more demanding than ever.

SG50CX-P2-JP from Sungrow is a high-yield, safer, more flexible, and convenient C&I inverter designed for the Japanese market that addresses efficiency, safety, operation and maintenance needs.

High-yield performance

SG50CX-P2-JP outperforms other similar products in terms of yield. With the same operating  conditions, it reaches full power sooner and boasts a higher efficiency rate of 98.7%. Also, the inverter boasts a 200% powerful DC/AC ratio access that enables it to enter full power state earlier than competitors.

Enhanced safety measures

SG50CX-P2-JP incorporates a PID recovery module for restoring the photovoltaic array’s voltage at night and recovering any module damage. CX-P2 is the world’s first series to receive IEC63027-2023 arc certification, improving safety significantly. Furthermore, the inverters can directly interface with optimizers, which automatically shut down modules at the module level to prevent loss of power.

Flexibility and adaptability

With its diversified current design, the SG50CX-P2-JP can accommodate complex situations, covering both low-power modules as well as high-power modules. Power generated by the inverter can be handled in a flexible manner, giving plant operators greater control over the power generated.

Convenient in every way

For operation convenience, the self-cleaning system of SG50CX-P2-JP makes it easier to clean the inverter. And with the latest iSolarCloud Web 3.0, a self-developed intelligent power plant management system, the visual experience, O&M management, as well as asset & information security have been optimized and improved, making plant operation and maintenance even easier. By using smart IV scan function, you can complete fault scanning and analyze the causes in a very short time, thus reducing time costs significantly.

With over 27 years of experience in the PV market, Sungrow products power more than 150 countries worldwide. As of June 2023, Sungrow has installed over 405 GW inverters and converters worldwide, and ranked No.1 in inverter shipment globally in 2023. With the launch of SG50CX-P2-JP, the C&I solar market will be revolutionized and enterprises in Japan will benefit.