GA technologies was selected as a “Digital Transformation Stock (DX Stock)”, for a consecutive 3 years

TOKYO, July 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GA technologies Co., Ltd.  (Headquarters: Minato-Ku, Tokyo; CEO: Ryo Higuchi; Securities Code: 3491) has been selected for the Digital Transformation Stock (DX Stock) 2022 hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry of Japan, and Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Digital Transformation award (here refers to “DX Stock 2022”) is to honor companies that are making efforts in promoting the value and execution of digital transformation in Japan’s society. This standard of selection is by evaluating whether a company has been promoting digital transformation to make a change in its working style and whether it has implemented such value into its service or product. GA technologies by making an effort in both areas has been honored with the title for 3 years consecutively. 

GA technologies was selected as a “Digital Transformation Stock (DX Stock)”, for a consecutive 3 years

◆ GA technologies has always valued “digital transformation” as one of our business visions

Since the founding of the company in 2013, GA technologies has been incorporating cutting edge technology into its service to realize a digital transformation in the trading process of real estate. The business vision of ours is “To create a world-leading company that impresses people ”. The mindset of bringing technology into our service and to use it to make a change in the traditional real estate industry has never changed since then. We are not only bringing technology into the Company but to our products. We provide our in-house developed SaaS to both real estate agencies and management companies in Japan in the aim of speeding up the digital transformation of the industry.  Within that, we are promoting the concept of a complete online transaction of real estate along with the implementation of the revision of the real estate transaction amendment in May 2022(※1) in the purpose of promoting the DX of the industry. What we are trying to achieve is to spread the idea of a pure online transaction of real estate, the so-called “Internet real estate” transaction(※2)  in Japan. We want to make a change to the old-fashion real estate industry and to contribute to the revitalizing of the industry. GA technologies will also keep dedicating to providing the best customer experience to its customers and realizing the goal of making an open, transparent real estate transaction experience to promote the idea of “PropTech” (real estate property X technology). 

◆ Significant efforts made by GA technologies Groups in promoting DX in the industry

RENOSY: A one-stop online real estate transaction platform

RENOSY is a comprehensive one-stop online platform that covers all aspects of real estate transactions running by GA technologies. The business concept of RENOSY is to “make real estate transaction & asset management easier”. The service combines both online and offline services to provide a seamless customer experience to our users. We are bringing technology into every step of the transaction process starting from searching, consoling, and applying to the after management.

The online dealing rate in the real estate industry in Japan is only 1%(※3) which is fairly lower compared to other industries. A significant result GA technology has achieved is to cut down on the use of paper that would have been required during the application, contracting process by moving the whole process online. We have contributed to save an average of 452 pieces of paper that are required per transaction(※4). GA technologies is contributing to the better customer experience of our customers and to the sustainability of the environment. 

GA technologies has received high points on the changes the Company has brought to the industry by the utilization of AI, big data to make a change in how the entire real estate industry works. 

ITANDI: The utilization of a real time database 

ITANDI is one of the GA technologies groups companies that focuses on the development and provision of both toB and toC products. ITANDI’s prouct lines include “ITANDI BB+”: SaaS designed for real estate agencies (rental & lease business).  “ITANDI BB”: SaaS designed for real estate people to share information in real time, and last but not least a toC self-tour house hunting site called “OHEYAGO”. Companies in the industry are benefiting from getting real time data by using our services. We are pushing the speed of DX in the real estate industry through our services by changing how the industry works fundamentally and to provide a transformative customer experience to the public.

The online application recipient service designed by ITANDI helped management companies to manage their tenants’ applications online smoothly, and to cut down an average of 5,000,000 pieces of paper that would have been required annually. (※5)

The honor to be named as the DX Stock 2022, It is a positive affirmation to the hard work that GA technologies has been putting into. The Company brings changes to the industry by the services built and revolutionizes how people deal with real estate transactions.

◆ About us

The business vision for GA technologies has always been “creating a world-leading company that impresses people with the power of technology and innovation.” The Company has been promoting the changes in the real estate industry under such a value. GA technologies group was publicly listed in the growth market (previously known as Mothers market) of Tokyo Stock Exchange 5 years after its establishment in 2013 and has been acquiring 8 other business partners as alliances in 3.5 years after its public listing. The Company established an AI strategy center of its own in 2017, this is also the very first one for companies in the real estate industry. The Company has won the DX award in 2020, 2021 and 2022, 3 years in a row, which is also the only company that has been honored with such title in the “growth market” of Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Company aims to be the pioneer in the PropTech field which takes the lead in Japan. 

◆ About GA technologies 
Company: GA technologies Co., Ltd.
Representative: Ryo Higuchi
Head office: 40F of Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Grand Tower, Roppongi 3-2-1, Minato District, Tokyo
Year of founding: March 2013
Capital fund: 7,224,816,203 JPY (by March 2022)

What we do:

Running the RENOSY service, an online, one-stop real estate service platform The development and operation of SaaS (BtoB PropTech product lines)

Main sub companies: ITANDI Co.,Ltd, RENOSY PLUS Co., Ltd, Shenjumiausuan Co.,Ltd and 10 other companies

◆ Awards winning history

Digital transformation Stock (DX stock award) honor: 2020, 2021, 2022; the award is hosted by Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry of Japan and Tokyo Stock Exchange FT 1000: High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific honor: 2020~2022; the award is hosted by Financial Times & Statista for the purpose of recognizing companies with high growth performance located in the Asia-Pacific region Ranked No.23 in FT 1000: High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2022 No.1 sales performance in the pre-owned apartments sector in Japan for a consecutive 3 years: 2020~2022; The research was done and published by Tokyo Shoko Research Ltd. (TSR) Great Place to Work Award (Japan): Ranked in as one of the companies as best workplaces among medium size companies in Japan in 2020. 2021; the award is hosted by Great Place To Work ® Institute Japan

(※1): The amendments of real estate transaction item 2 of clause 34 and other clauses accompanied has been reformed according to the” amendments for the construction and structure of a digitalized society”, clause 17.
(※2): “Internet real estate” service refers to the business model of completing the whole process of a real estate transaction purely online (including but not limited to searching, meeting, applying and contracting etc.) It is a business model which allows every step of a real estate transaction to be done online smoothly. It is a brand-new business model in the industry along with the electronification of the important matters explanation and other related contract documents based on the law revision in 2022. (The definition was defined by GA technologies in April 2022)
(※3): The number was calculated based on the percentage of online transaction taken place in RENOSY marketplace business (The 10th season of 2021). The SAM (6.9 trillion Yen)  of the pre-owned apartments with areas larger than 50㎡ was excluded. 
(※4): Researched by GA technologies (
(※5): Researched by ITANDI (

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