GA technologies has renewed their Visual Identity (VI) and corporate website in March, the 10th anniversary of the company’s founding

Leveraging the strength of “Real business combined with technology” to expand business in a variety of industries

TOKYO, March 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GA technologies (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Ryo Higuchi, Securities code: 3491, hereinafter referred to as “GA technologies”) will renew its Visual Identity (VI) and corporate website in March 2023, the 10th anniversary of its foundation.

VI logo and official website renewal

Since our founding in 2013, GA technologies has been committed to our corporate philosophy of “building a world leading company that inspires and impresses people with the power of technology and innovation.” We have been working to improve the customer experience through online transactions and the use of data, and to change the way the real estate industry works by providing SaaS products for real estate companies. The renewal of our Visual Identity (VI) and corporate website is a declaration of our transformation into a technology company that is committed to business reform not only in real estate but also in various other industries, while leveraging the strength of “Real business combined with technology” that we have cultivated in the real estate field.

Kenjiro Sano (MR_DESIGN INC) was appointed as Art Director for our new VI, and mount inc. was in charge of planning and production of the corporate website. Together with people who are highly regarded both in Japan and abroad, we have created a new image of GA technologies, which aims to become a world-leading company.

Expansion into other industries

The real estate industry is an analog industry where faxes, paper, and face-to-face interactions are still used, resulting not only in a poor customer experience, but also in various challenges such as a lack of symmetry in information between customers and real estate agents, and a low-productivity work environment. Since our founding in 2013, GA technologies has been committed to our corporate philosophy of “building a world leading company that inspires and impresses people with the power of technology and innovation.” We have promoted DX in the real estate industry as a whole by developing and providing SaaS for real estate companies that contributes to the promotion of DX throughout the entire real estate industry, while providing real estate DX services to our own clients

As a result, GA technologies has earned recognition for promoting DX in analog industries, including being the only company in the growth market and real estate industry to be selected as a Digital Transformation Stock for three consecutive years.

Value creation areas targeted by GA technologies

Until now, we have been recognized and acclaimed as a PropTech (real estate DX) company, but from now on, we will go beyond the confines of the real estate industry and work to transform businesses in various industries while leveraging our strengths and expertise in real estate DX that we have cultivated since our founding. The first step in this direction is our entry into the M&A intermediary DX business*1, which we are also announcing today.

*1:For more information on the development of the M&A intermediary DX business, refer to the March 1, 2023 announcement, “Launch of the M&A intermediary DX service ‘MtechA'”.

New VI

Comments from Kenjiro Sano

Representative of MR_DESIGN, Art Director and Creative Director

I was amazed when I visited the GA technologiesʼ office. The youth, the speed with which they use technology, the sincerity, the well-organized and playful work environment. I thought it was a new unconventional organization that is further evolving and changing. Therefore, we aimed to create a graphic design that is bold, graceful, and striking, yet still light enough to be printed on a T-shirt. Blue is a color that evokes images of speed, cleanliness, and technology.

New corporate website (

Masahiro Yonemichi

mount inc./Art Direction, Planning, Information Architect, Design

First, I was wondering how GA technologies can grow so fast of its size and business when I started to work with them on the design. As we approached our project, I also figured out my answer. The Company no doubt provides services and products that incorporate sophisticated technical elements. On top of that, the people who work in the group are awesome. The kind of people who have a strong will for chasing big goals, passionate and eager for growth. This passion also influences us in a good way to transform these positive attributes into our design. The power of technology, the skill of communication, the speed of its growth, and finally, the will of facing future challenges while carrying on past experiences with it. We hope we depict these characteristics well enough with our design.

10 years of GA technologies




As of December 15, 2022

GA technologies Co.,Ltd 

Representative: Ryo Higuchi 
Headquarters: 40F of Sumitomo real estate Roppongi Grand Tower, Roppongi 3-2-1, Minato-Ku, Tokyo
Year of founding: March 2013
Capital fund: 7,238,798,466 yen (by October 2022) 

Internet real estate marketplace business: RENOSY BtoB PropTech SaaS development

GA technologies group: ITANDI, RENOSY PLUS, Shenjumiausuan and 12 other group companies

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