From Trends to Strategies: The Role of Social Commerce Unveiled in Snapchat and Shoplazza White Paper

BEIJING, Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The global eCommerce SaaS provider Shoplazza published an in-depth white paper “From Trends to Strategies: The Role of Social Commerce” with Snapchat. The white paper provides key insights and practices for global merchants to connect with consumers and unlock business opportunities by adopting social commerce strategies and solutions.

Facing the era of “acquaintance network,” social commerce has emerged as the key factor in the cross-border eCommerce industry. Social commerce has become the new norm for brands to win over customer interest and loyalty. It is crucial to establish a presence on social platforms and engage with consumers as social media is the new place of “word-of-the-mouth,” where people go for both product reviews and details more accessible nowadays.

“In recent years, the shopping experience has evolved rapidly. Social commerce is one example illustrating how shoppers adopted online shopping. Social platforms provide an open space for consumers to exchange their opinions and recommendations,” Alyson Zhang, Chief Operating Officer of Shoplazza, says. “Since the COVID-19 restrictions have been loosened, merchants should continue to adopt social commerce strategies to provide a seamless shopping experience for consumers. Utilizing social commerce can present enormous value to merchants, such as brand engagement, increase in traffic, conversion rate, and sales revenue.”

The whitepaper outlays why social commerce is the new norm for online shopping and how to win the hearts of consumers with social commerce strategies. As the purchase journey is no longer linear and consumers demand more convenience, merchants should understand and embed what consumers want in the digital era we live in. Given the dynamic nature of the eCommerce industry, paid campaigns are insufficient to capture consumers on social media. Instead, merchants must consider how they can fully utilize their social channels. In the White Paper, Shoplazza outlines the key practices in social commerce strategy, such as setting up online storefronts, synchronizing product catalogs on social platforms, offering virtual try-on features through AR technology, and encouraging user-generated content (UGCs).

Shoplazza empowers merchants to scale their online business (Source: Shoplazza)

As a global eCommerce SaaS platform, Shoplazza provides an all-in-one solution for merchants to prepare and adopt new waves of social commerce strategy. Shoplazza offers a wide array of technology solutions for social commerce, such as 3D product modeling, one-click integration to mainstream social media platforms, built-in Multipixel tracking tools, omnichannel product synchronization and user-generated content (UGC) and review encouragement tools for different business scenarios in social commerce settings. With Shoplazza’s various social commerce tools, merchants can scale their business to reach their goals on social media. Shoplazza has now served more than 360,000 merchants worldwide, with customers in 150+ countries.

For instance, Shoplazza’s 3D product visualization can help merchants provide consumers with a virtual try-on experience, thus reducing return rates. It also provides one-click advertising management for major social platforms, so merchants can keep the same tabs to create, manage, and track their advertisement campaigns across different channels at Shoplazza admin console. Furthermore, Shoplazza’s product synchronization on social storefronts allows consumers to purchase products directly from social media and merchants to create their private traffic pool.

In the current era filled with uncertainties, it is an essential practice for merchants to gain insight into the target market and consumer behavior trends for global success. Merchants must find effective marketing methods tailored to local communities and actively engage with target audiences. As a global award-winning shopping cart SaaS pioneer, Shoplazza will continue to empower merchants to expand their business globally and achieve business growth with its expertise in social commerce and growing partner ecosystem.

About the White Paper

The white paper “From Trends to Strategies: The Role of Social Commerce ” examines in-depth research and analysis on social commerce jointly by the global award-winning Shopping Cart SaaS company Shoplazza and the popular visual messaging app Snapchat. From emerging opportunities of social commerce to essential social commerce strategies, this white paper will guide global merchants to adopt and implement various strategies to empower their market competitiveness.

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