From the first moon landing to every lift-off! The first DJI | Hasselblad Concept Store in Hong Kong makes its grand opening

HONG KONG, June 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — From the first landing on the Moon to every new lift-off of a drone, people have never stopped aspiring to reach for and explore the sky. In a new collaboration, DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and creative camera technology, and Hasselblad, the pioneer in high-end medium format camera technology, have brought their imagination to Hong Kong with the grand opening of the first DJI | Hasselblad Concept Store. The theme was “DJI | Hasselblad – From the First Moon Landing to Every Lift-off.” Present to witness this exciting moment were representatives from Guangchuang, DJI’s exclusive Distributor of Hong Kong and Hong Kong actor Simon Yam

Polo Huang, sales manager of DJI Hong Kong and Macau, delivered the opening speech for the ceremony. Mr Huang described the ingenious layout of the concept store as an elegant space that matches Hong Kong, a city full of technology and artistic atmosphere. 

DJI and Hasselblad products are displayed in a neat and sophisticated format, creating a natural flow of people. In the future, DJI will further provide consumers with superior in-store services and experiences and communicate its brand proposition of technological innovation, quality, and user-centricity tangibly and engagingly. Tommy, Sales and Operations Manager of Guangchuang Hong Kong, also delivered a speech at the ceremony, highlighting how both DJI and Hasselblad are pioneers in the pursuit of innovation and imagination in the industry and that the collaboration between the two brands would bring a new video experience and one-stop service to Hong Kong consumers. The brands are committed to making the concept store an engaging environment for consumers to interact and experience freely and to showcase mutual respect and win-win cooperation between partners. The store will regularly organise product experience activities in the future, and consumers are welcome to return to the store repeatedly.

A special guest, Mr Simon Yam, attended the ceremony and conversed with the host. Mr Yam said that carrying a camera and drone equipment in his daily life is a crucial way to get inspiration for creation. He also exchanged gifts, receiving a DJI Mini 3 Pro and a Hasselblad X2D and lens XCD38. Meanwhile, Mr Yam presented two precious photos taken with his Hasselblad camera to the DJI and Hasselblad representatives.

To the chorus of beating drums, the lion dance began, welcoming wealth and prosperity. Afterward, the officiating guests gathered for the ribbon-cutting ceremony amidst the sounds of cheers and applause. The shop’s opening marks a significant step forward in the Hong Kong market for DJI and Hasselblad, two innovative technology brands. After the ceremony, guests were invited to experience the full range of DJI and Hasselblad’s innovative video equipment and admire the beauty of the craftsmanship and technology up close. 

The DJI | Hasselblad Concept Store consists of two floors. The ground floor showcases DJI’s new flagship aerial camera, Mavic 3 Pro, the lightweight travel stabilizer RS 3 Mini, the Osmo Action 3, an action camera with a unique quick-release design and a trend-setting camera, and the DJI Mic, a compact and lightweight wireless microphone, as well as a full range of accessories and ancillary equipment. The new Hasselblad brand creative video equipment is also on display on the ground floor. The first floor is carefully set up with product experience and flight test sessions, and there is also a Hasselblad master exhibition.

Where future technology and reality meet, certain moments will become immortalised. Today, DJI and Hasselblad have joined hands to open the first DJI | Hasselblad Concept Store in Hong Kong, starting a new chapter in the Hong Kong market. The concept store will also be used to share aerial photography technology and culture, drone test flights, and handheld video products and hold offline gatherings to deepen communication with users and bring innovative technology experiences to life for consumers.

About DJI
Since 2006, DJI has led the world with civilian drone innovations that have empowered individuals to take flight for the first time, visionaries to turn their imagination into reality, and professionals to transform their work entirely. Today, DJI serves to build a better world by continuously promoting human advancement. With a solution-oriented mindset and genuine curiosity, DJI has expanded its ambitions into agriculture, public safety, surveying and mapping, and infrastructure inspection. In every application, DJI products deliver experiences that add value to lives worldwide more profoundly than ever before. 

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About Hasselblad
Since 1941, Hasselblad cameras have inspired photographers to create classic masterpieces and capture many iconic images, including documenting the historical moment of the first humans on the Moon. For over 80 years, Hasselblad has expanded the boundary of photographic storytelling with its excellent image quality, exquisite Scandinavian design, and meticulous craftsmanship, equipping customers with the ability and inspiration to create amazing images.

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