From Japan to Asia Pacific: The GrowHub Launches Revolutionary SaaS Traceability Platform.

SINGAPORE, Aug. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The GrowHub Innovations Company, a Singapore-based technological firm, proudly announces the official launch of its cutting-edge SaaS traceability platform across the Asia Pacific region. To mark this significant milestone, The GrowHub is embarking on a comprehensive roadshow, with Japan as its first stop, followed by key markets such as Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, and North Asia in the upcoming months. The GrowHub recognises Japan as a crucial market with exceptional agricultural products and receptiveness to advanced technologies.

From Left to Right: GrowHub Japan Country Head: Daiki Nakaoka, Prof Masanori Nakatani, The GrowHub CEO: Lester Chan, Kyoto Prefecture Vice Governor: Akimasa Yamashita, The GrowHub’s Adviser: Tan Wei

The GrowHub’s traceability platform is set to revolutionize the way industries across the region manage and monitor their supply chains, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and sustainability. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology, The GrowHub aims to empower business with real-time insights into their supply chain processes, fostering trust among consumers and stakeholders.

Key objectives of The GrowHub’s Asia Pacific Roadshow include:

Acquiring New Clients and Industry Partners: The GrowHub is eager to engage with businesses seeking innovative solutions to enhance traceability and sustainability in their operations. By fostering new partnerships, The GrowHub aims to drive transformative change within the various industries. Sourcing for Complementary Technologies: The GrowHub seeks to collaborate with hardware and software providers to integrate complementary technologies into its traceability platform. This integration will further enhance the platform’s capabilities, providing clients with a comprehensive end-to-end solution. Promoting The GrowHub Innovation Centre: Situated within the esteemed Food Innovation Precinct Western Australia, The GrowHub Innovation Centre and Digital Hub serves as dynamic hubs for fostering collaboration and commercialization in the food technology space. Engaging with Key Stakeholders: The GrowHub recognises the importance of engaging with key stakeholders across different markets. The roadshow provides an opportunity to connect with industry leaders, government representatives, and academic institutions to facilitate knowledge exchange and explore collaborative opportunities. Collaboration for Technology Transfer and Kyoto Smart City Expo 2023: The GrowHub will engage in discussions about technology transfer opportunities through its Innovation Centre as well as participate in the Kyoto Smart City Expo 2023 to showcase its traceability platform’s potential applications in smart city initiatives. Signing Contract with Koufuku Group: As part of the roadshow, The GrowHub is delighted to announce the signing of a strategic skincare contract with Kuofuku Group – Careness’ CEO, solidifying a significant partnership that will accelerate The GrowHub’s presence in the Japanese market.

During this roadshow, The GrowHub’s delegation had met with key dignitaries and industry leaders, including the Vice Governor of Kyoto Prefecture, Mr. Akimasa Yamashita, among others.

“We are thrilled to introduce our traceability SaaS platform to the dynamic markets of Asia Pacific,” said Mr. Lester Chan, CEO of The GrowHub Innovations Company. “Our mission is to drive positive change by empowering businesses with data-driven insights that enhance supply chain transparency and sustainability. We look forward to collaborating with industry leaders and stakeholders across the region to build a more connected and resilient future.”

The GrowHub’s Asia Pacific Roadshow promises to be an exciting and transformative journey fueling the company’s commitment to innovation and responsible technology solutions. For more information about The GrowHub and its traceability SaaS platform, please visit

About The GrowHub Innovations Company: The GrowHub Innovations Company is a Singapore-based technological firm focusing on cutting-edge solutions for transparent and sustainable supply chain management. As Asia Pacific’s only Web 3-enabled plug-and-play ecosystem builder, we focus on traceability, data insights, and carbon credits. Our blockchain technology ensures full traceability, empowering businesses with data-driven insights for a more connected and responsible future.