From High-Tech to Immersive! Haier Exhibits its Brand Leadership at the CMESS 2023 in Singapore

SINGAPORE, March 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On March 22, China’s Machinery & Electronics Show in Singapore (CMESS 2023) officially kicked off at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore, with over 130 enterprises appearing at the exhibition. The event attracted nearly 6,000 visitors from the ASEAN and RCEP regions.

From High-Tech to Immersive! Haier Exhibits its Brand Leadership at the CMESS 2023 in Singapore.

Casarte, a luxury brand of Haier Smart Home, displayed the “Connoisseur” and “Light year” suites at CMESS 2023. Haier exhibited its 959 series washer/dryer, G3-601 washer/dryer, and JC-360 professional wine cellar. Both brands showcased smart living rooms, kitchens, and cloakrooms.

Haier Smart Home showcased its expertise in designing smart products and scenarios and its latest overseas brand creation strategy at this exhibition.

Haier Smart Home brings the ultimate user experience

Haier and Casarte displayed sophisticated products and immersive smart scenarios at the exhibition, attracting many visitors.

The 959 series washing machine drew visitors to Haier’s exhibit. The 525mm drum washing machine is designed for Southeast Asian users who need to wash large items. The Casarte Light Year Series 500 refrigerator in the exhibition area uses MSA Controlled Oxygen Freshness Technology to maintain cellular-level freshness.

In addition to game-changing technology products, Haier and Casarte displayed fully designed smart home scenarios such as a smart living room, smart kitchen, and smart cloakroom, giving visitors an immersive interactive experience. Visitors to the smart kitchen could easily buy ingredients with a touch on the smart refrigerator. The system then intelligently matches those ingredients to healthy recipes. The range hood opens automatically when the cooker is turned on, making cooking easy for beginners and pros alike.

In addition to the smart kitchen, Haier Smart Home’s one-stop active service solutions were in the living room, cloakroom, and other areas, giving visitors a new smart lifestyle.

Haier accelerates global brand creation and Southeast Asian market penetration

At CMESS 2023, Haier Smart Home showcased its successful Southeast Asian expansion and accelerated global strategy.

In 2022, Southeast Asian home appliance sales declined. Haier Smart Home sales however increased 12%, twice the industry average. Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines saw double-digit growth.

Haier Smart Home is expanding rapidly in Southeast Asia. Haier Smart Home’s AQUA brand shop in Makassar City’s high-end shopping area offers one-stop home appliance shopping. Haier Smart Home launched its commercial laundry business in March 2022 in the Philippines, becoming a top two local brand and opening over 200 shops by March 2023.

Casarte opened its first high-end smart scenario experience center in Thailand in August 2022, featuring a localized whole-house smart home scenario. The experience center has become an important milestone for Casarte and given momentum to Haier Smart Home’s global growth efforts.

As a result of evolving consumer trends, the market is demanding higher quality, better intelligence, and more personalization from home appliances. Through its participation in CMESS 2023, Haier Smart Home continues to showcase its leadership in the production of sophisticated products, further accelerating the globalization of smart scenarios.