From High-refresh AMOLED screens to AI cameras, NUU’s A15 and A25 bring a premium experience and flagship features without the costly price tag.

NUU’s new A25 and A15 bring premium flagship smartphone features to all.

DALLAS, Oct. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — How to deliver a truly exceptional smartphone experience at a price that people can genuinely afford? This was the question NUU sought to answer with its two latest smartphones – the A25 and A15.

The A15 and A25 smartphones from NUU’s latest A Series Lineup

Consumer smartphone spending has evolved, with less than 10% of American consumers spending over $1,000 on their smartphones, the A25 and A15 are designed to bring as close to a flagship experience as possible at under a fifth of the price.

By identifying and focusing on the three key areas that smartphone users rely on the most, NUU’s latest duo of phones demonstrates that a top-of-the-line smartphone experience doesn’t have to come with a stratospheric price tag.

1. Powerful Photography for Professional Results

The importance of the modern smartphone camera can be summed up by a report from CIPA, an international camera industry association with members like Olympus, Canon, Kodak and Sony. They say that “worldwide camera shipments dropped by 93 percent between 2010 and 2021.” The consensus is that this drastic drop-off was triggered by people relying on their smartphones to serve as their main camera option.

To bring professional-level photography to all, the A25 and A15 are both equipped with advanced camera arrays that feature a 50MP main camera bolstered by AI computational might. The AI cameras can recognize 12 different types of subjects and scenes, meaning they can capture life’s most cherished and unexpected moments in breathtaking detail.

In addition, the A15 and A25 both come with plenty more powerful camera options like Night Mode and Pro Mode, which offers incredible shot versatility while also delivering professional results.

2. A Screen that Brings Media to Life

One of the most important facets of any smartphone is its screen. A 2022 study revealed that the average American spent roughly 28.5 hours per week on smartphones for recreation with TV shows and streaming making up the bulk of those hours.

To ensure a truly immersive flagship viewing experience, the A25 sports a 6.7″ AMOLED FHD+ display and an in-screen fingerprint scanner. Together, this combination ensures tiny bezels, rich color contrast and sharp details for anything from all-night Netflix binges to reviewing documents for work.

3. Gaming Elevated to a Whole New Level

It’s no secret that mobile gaming is all the rage these days. In 2022, a study revealed that while the traditional gaming market was shrinking, mobile gaming continued to grow.

With mobile gaming playing a major role in people’s lives, the A25 and A15 pack in refresh rates of 120Hz and 90Hz, respectively. Not only does this flagship-level feature make games look cleaner and run better, but it also provides a buttery-smooth user experience across both devices.

Additional Perks

While many modern flagships remove popular perks, the A25 and A15 bring many of them back. Both devices come with a headphone jack, support for up to 1TB of expandable memory, stock Android 13 and long-lasting batteries (5000 mAh, A25 and 4,180 mAh, A15).  


The A25 comes in 2 color options: Jet Black and Champagne Gold. The A15 comes in 2 color options: Dark Purple and Pure White.

Pre-order available as of September 26th, 2023:


A25 Specifications: 

Display: 6.7″ AMOLED, Pin-hole FHD+, 120Hz
Dimensions: 163.8*76.3*7.96mm
Cameras: Front: 8MP FF, Rear: 50MP AF + 2MP(Macro) + VGA BOKEH
System: MediaTek Helio G99
Memory: 6GB Memory, 128GB Storage, Micro-SD (up to 1TB)
Battery: 5000mAh
OS: Android 13

A15 Specifications: 

Display: 6.517″ IPS, Droplet, HD+, 90Hz
Dimensions: 164.5*76*8.95mm
Cameras: Front: 5MP FF; Rear: 50MP AF + VGA  FF with LED Flash
System: MediaTek Helio G36
Memory: 4GB Memory, 128GB Storage, Micro-SD (up to 1TB)
Battery: 4180mAh
OS: Android 13

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