From AI Art to the Housing Crisis: ‘Connected With Divya Gopalan’ Tackles Global Issues on TaiwanPlus

TAIPEI, March 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A new program hosted by Emmy-nominated journalist Divya Gopalan explores a variety of topics reflecting the rapidly changing world. “Connected with Divya Gopalan,” launched March 6th on global streaming platform TaiwanPlus, brings together voices from Taiwan and around the world on contemporary issues facing the global community.

“Connected with Divya Gopalan” explores a variety of topics reflecting the rapidly changing world.

The fast paced, half hour show covers issues affecting millions around the world, from skyrocketing housing costs to whether AI means the end of art as we know it. Through special features and interviews, the show delves into questions resonating in modern societies. Asking whether women should be conscripted, if Mandarin is ready to go global, and why gaming is for everyone, the show engages voices from different parts of the world. “Connected” invites acclaimed experts and business leaders to share their perspective on these issues, including best-selling semiconductor historian Chris Miller and Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin.

“Connected” host Divya Gopalan says: “Most societies around the world face common issues. We aim to connect perspectives and inform conversations, challenge preconceptions and help the exchange of solutions. The name ‘Connected’ represents the objective of forging connections across borders, between generations, and bringing Taiwan’s voice into global conversations.”

Gopalan is an internationally-acclaimed journalist and anchor who has produced and hosted shows for Al Jazeera, BBC and CNN. She has covered top global news events from nearly 20 countries, including award-winnng stories on Myanmar’s Rohingya refugees. Based in Taipei, Gopalan has been instrumental in growing the international news center at TaiwanPlus.

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