Fresh2 Group Launches Roxe Restaurant Robots, Spearheading Smart Automation in Culinary Services

NEW YORK, Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Fresh2 Group Ltd. (NASDAQ: FRES) (“Fresh2” or “the Company”), a company with operations in the United States and China focused on the business-to-business e-commerce and supply chain sectors for the restaurant supply and food industry, today announces its strategic plan to launch Roxe Restaurant Robots. This innovative step anticipates to mark a significant advancement in the culinary domain, as Roxe Restaurant Robots are designed to revolutionize kitchen operations with cutting-edge, robot-assisted cooking technology.

With the labor market increasingly averse to repetitive and mundane tasks, the restaurant industry finds itself at a crucial juncture. Roxe Restaurant Robots intend to be a solution to this challenge. By automating routine tasks, Roxe would enable restaurants to strategically reallocate their human resources, effectively addressing a critical industry need.

In a strategic leap, Fresh2 plans to integrate this innovative project with its pre-fabricated meal supply chain operation. This amalgamation aims to provide restaurant clients with a comprehensive solution that encompasses robot-assisted cooking and efficient meal supply chains, thereby redefining the industry landscape.

About Fresh2 Group Limited

Fresh2 Group Limited is engaged in the business-to-business e-commerce and supply chain sectors. Committed to helping restaurants lower procurement costs and improve efficiency, Fresh2 utilizes an advanced supply chain management system. By applying strategic digital technologies and innovative business models, Fresh2 is driving the online transformation of the restaurant supply industry. Fresh2 aims to refine restaurant operations, adding significant value to the food industry, and building a global network of restaurateurs in the digital age For more information, visit:

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