Fractal EMS On-Track to Exceed 2023 Commitments

AUSTIN, Texas, July 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Fractal EMS Inc (Fractal EMS) is excited to announce a new feature that adds DC-coupled solar+storage (PV+S) controls. The new software provides one platform and one interface for DC-coupled PV+S (AC-coupled projects use separate Fractal EMS controls for solar versus storage). Fractal EMS recently integrated their first DC-couple PV+S project, it was integrated on time and on budget.

Fractal EMS has 4 GWh of projects in operation and will nearly double this by integrating 25-30 projects in 2023. Daniel Crotzer, CEO, said “project financials are becoming more competitive. Owners want to self-integrate to avoid the 10%-15% integrator margin. Fractal EMS was designed to facilitate self-integration…it saves millions in CAPEX and OPEX.”

In addition to the new solar+storage platform, Fractal EMS has intensified its cyber security capabilities. This has been facilitated by implementing a Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA) with industry leading policies, device/software compliance, Vulnerability Management, Incident Detection Remediation (IDR), and Security Information Event Management (SIEM). Fractal EMS provides cybersecurity monitoring & reporting and segments access based on least privilege methodology. In addition, Fractal EMS seamlessly integrates multiple security levels into “one pane of glass” for ease of management and increased efficiency.

About Fractal EMS
Fractal EMS is a fully vertical controls platform that includes software, controllers, integration and analytics (with optional monitoring, maintenance and bid optimization). Fractal provides all of the following: 1) controls 2) networking 3) SCADA 4) cybersecurity 5) HMI & historian. Fractal EMS has 4 GWh in operation globally and over 12 GWh of awarded projects. Visit the website for more information: