Formula 1 news: Otmar Szafnauer launches EventR

Brand-new hi-tech digital travel/event management tool EventR is set to revolutionise F1 team logistics and dynamics. 

OXFORD, England, Feb. 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As the visionary behind EventR, Otmar Szanfauer unveils the ground-breaking digital itineraries ecosystem, and its pivotal role in reshaping team travel dynamics across various industries. Developed by Soft Pauer, the creative force behind innovative digital solutions in Formula 1, EventR promises to revolutionise how teams navigate the complexities of group travel.

Otmar Szafnauer, ex-F1 Team Principle and Soft Pauer Foudner and Chairman

“I am thrilled to introduce EventR to the world,” says Otmar Szanfauer, Chairman of Soft Pauer. “During my time running various teams, travel is the lifeblood of an efficient team and so with my friend Alex Powell we set out to develop a solution. My teams have hundreds moving continuously around the globe every year. After successful deployments in motorsport, I am excited to see how EventR will revolutionise how everyone plans and coordinates their events. Formula 1 teams are only ever as good as the logistical and dynamic collaboration of the people who work within them. The teams that use EventR will benefit from making that collaboration more efficient. Ultimately, those teams will end up with better on-track performance.”

EventR Team offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance efficiency and collaboration. Fully personalised shared itineraries updated in real-time help the app eliminate the need for cumbersome paper documents. Additionally, EventR’s integrated chat functionality fosters real-time collaboration, allowing team members to discuss plans and make adjustments on the go.

For more control EventR Coordinator Hub provides administrators with robust tools to manage team travel effectively. From budgeting and expense tracking to comprehensive ESG reporting, the Coordinator Hub empowers organisations to streamline their travel operations and drive greater efficiency.

EventR Team App is available for download on iOS and Android now from the app store.

About EventR:

EventR is a leading provider of innovative itinerary planning solutions, empowering teams across industries to simplify group travel coordination. Founded in 2022, EventR is committed to revolutionising the way teams plan and coordinate their journeys, providing efficient and user-friendly solutions for today’s travellers. Learn more at

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