Focusing on Urban Renewal and Industry Transformation Shijingshan Events on CIFTIS 2022 Kicks off

BEIJING, Aug. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — From August 31st to September 5th, the 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) will be held in Beijing.

Taking this platform, Shijingshan will give full play to the advantages as the host, seize the precious opportunities of the post Winter Olympics era and the “four revivals” of the new Shougang, and focus on creating a new landmark of urban revitalization of “Together for a Shared Future” initiative. With the theme of urban renewal and industry transformation, a series of summit forums, exhibitions, and business networking events will be carried out, integrating commercial resources, natural resources, industrial sites with summit forums, dedicated exhibitions, and various supporting events. Shijingshan will open up to the world and the world will see Shijingshan with a greater view.

Gather Global Intelligence and Exchange Insights on Urban Renewal and Industry Transformation

Urban renewal and industry transformation are the new trends and new priorities for urban development, and an important support for a city to achieve high-quality development.

As the core of the “1+N” summit forum, the 2022 Shijingshan Urban Renewal and Industry Transformation Forum will be held on the afternoon of September 2. With the theme of “Together for a Shared Future”, the forum is cohosted by People’s Government of Shijingshan District and Shougang Group and organized by ADG Expo. Leaders of the government, representatives of foreign embassies in Beijing and international organizations and enterprises, renowned experts and scholars in related fields, and other guest from home and abroad are invited. The forum will focus on topics such as planning and leadership, scientific and technological innovation, green and low carbon, consumption vitality, financial support. By examining these fields, the forum will attempt to interpret the development direction of urban renewal, explore the roadmap for industry transformation, and provide intellectual support for Shijingshan to build a new landmark of the capital revitalization in the new era, and strive to create a new chapter of establishing the west gate of the capital city. During the forum, an online live streaming platform will also be set up to fully upgrade the online and offline integration and create an immersive and fresh experience for the participants.

During CIFTIS, Shijingshan will also hold several parallel forums. The Qiaomengyuan Beijing Forum is jointly hosted by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, Beijing Returned Overseas Chinese Federation, and the People’s Government of Shijingshan District. With the theme of “Overseas Chinese Create a Common Future with Collective Intelligence”, the forum will discuss the strategies and pathways of how overseas Chinese enterprises and innovation can be integrated into the development of the capital city in the new era. The international forum, jointly hosted by Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, People’s Government of Shijingshan District, Beijing Association for Science and Technology, and Beijing NGO Network for International Exchanges, will focus on the development of emerging urban sports industries and urban revitalization with the theme of “Emerging Urban Sports Industry and Urban Revitalization”. The 2022 China International Finance Annual Forum, jointly hosted by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Finance, the Operation Management Department of People’s Bank of China, Beijing Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau,  Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau, People’s Government of Shijingshan District, People’s Government of Chaoyang District, and People’s Government of Shunyi District, aims to exchange ideas on open cooperation, green development, and digital transformation in the financial industry around the theme of “An Open, Integrated, and Green Future”. With the theme of “Guard the Economy and Promote the High-quality Development of the Insurance Industry”, the 2022 China Insurance Industry High-Quality Development Forum, co-hosted by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Finance, Insurance Association of China, and People’s Government of Shijingshan District, will exchange insights on trending topics such as the high-quality development of the insurance industry and insurance industry facilitating social governance. The first China Life Service Industry Development Conference, sponsored by People’s Government of Shijingshan District and hosted by China Chain Store & Franchise Association, with the theme of “Franchising and Digitalization Lighting Up a Better Life”, will unveil a heart-warming business dialogue on the upgrading of the life service industry, China’s economic development, and community services.

Integrate Multi-dimensional Resources and Build a Multi-disciplinary Platform

Shijingshan will give full play to the advantages as the host, integrating commercial resources, natural resources, industrial sites with dedicated exhibitions, and various supporting events to establish a large-scaled platform for exhibitions, exchanges, and cooperation for all parties in a multi-dimensional manner.

In terms of dedicated exhibitions, Shijingshan will demonstrate the all-round regional features and style. “The Promised land, Duo Olympics District in Western Beijing, a New Landmark of Urban Revitalization” cultural and tourism service exhibition will focus on the integrated development of cultural industry and cultural tourism, manifesting the achievements of the district’s transformation and development in recent years and its new image as the landmark of the capital city’s revitalization in the new era. Twelve cultural enterprises, including the Sky Limit Entertainment and (Sohu), will make a presence in the exhibition. The dedicated exhibition of financial and insurance services with the theme of “An Open, Integrated, and Green Future” will focus on the innovation achievements of Shijingshan as the national financial industry pilot zone and the development of Beijing Banking and Insurance Industry Park. China Everbright Bank Credit Card Center, Postal Savings Bank of China Credit Card Center, Huaxia Bank Credit Card Center, Sunshine Consumer Finance, Bob-Cardif Life Insurance Beijing Branch, and Guobao Life Insurance Beijing Branch will participate in the offline exhibition, and more than ten financial institutions will participate in the online exhibition. A special exhibition of sports services with the theme of “Shijingshan – the Duo Olympics District” will showcase the achievements of the Winter Olympics. Seven companies and representative organizations including SWIX, International Ski Federation (Switzerland) Beijing Liaison Office, and Tus Ice and Snow will participate in the exhibition.

Shijingshan will also hold various supporting events during CIFTIS. On the evening of the main forum, themed investment networking sessions will be held, bringing together important guests and business representatives of CIFTIS to closed-door meetings with promotion presentations of industries, parks, projects, and companies. The Shijingshan Reception Room will select representatives of key exhibitors and internationally renowned enterprises to exchange ideas and to network for possible partnerships. The Business Visits will organize visits with different themes, such as overseas Chinese businessmen, cultural tourism, and investment promotion, targeting the key exhibitors. It aims to attract them “walking into Shijingshan” via accurately targeted presentations and investment promotions. “Metaverse” + consumption events will gather the commercial zones in the district to create a “Metaverse” virtual consumption scene with Shijingshan characteristics, such as Shougang “Duo Olympics” themed shopping event, Xishan Yongding River cultural shopping event, etc. It aims to build an integrated consumption ecology and improve the capacity of international consumption.

Shijingshan, the Promised Land in Western Beijing, with a Visionary Plan to the Future

The western part of Beijing shoulders the responsibility of industry transformation and urban revitalization. Driven by the Beijing Winter Olympics, Shijingshan has achieved a magnificent transformation from a traditional heavy industry zone to a green high-end city. Shijingshan has comprehensively promoted urban revitalization, led the overall revival, created a new landmark of urban revitalization of “Together for a Shared Future” initiative, and established the west gate of the capital at a high level.

As early as the end of 2018, the Shijingshan District Committee and the People’s Government of Shijingshan District formulated and issued a high-end and high-quality three-year action plan. Now a “1+3+1” high-end industry system has been established. It is strategically led by the modern financial industry, featured by the cultivation of the technology services industry, the digital innovation industry, and the new generation technology industry, and supported by relevant high-end business service industry.

In addition, the construction of “One Axis and Four Parks” in Shijingshan has been pushed forward with high quality. “Chang’an Golden Axis” has formed a new “Three Cards + Consumer Finance” pattern with the completion of 250,000 square meters industry base in North Xin’an. The planned completion rate of Beijing Banking and Insurance Industry Park exceeds 80%. National Financial IC Card Testing Center, China Banking Insurance Information Data Platform, and other key national financial infrastructures, as well as many subsidiaries of   banking tech companies have settled here, illustrating a “High-end, Green, and Exquisite” image of the park. Zhongguancun Shijingshan Park gathers more than 860 national high-tech enterprises, focusing on cultivating industries such as scientific and technological services, digital creativity, and the new-generation information technology. The construction of the new Shougang Park has been accelerated. Among them, more than 100 entities in the fields of “sports +”, cultural creativity, and artificial intelligence have settled in the southeast area, which has become China’s science fiction industry cluster and Metaverse. The development of the cultural and creative parks is another feature of the district. Beizhong Science and Technology Cultural and Creative Park has been included into the    municipal pilot project of “Old Factories into Cultural Space”; Shougang Park and Langyuan Park have been rated as municipal-level cultural industry parks, becoming one of the must-go spots in the west of Beijing. By 2025, it is expected that the revenue of high-end industries in Shijingshan will reach 345 billion yuan.

Shijingshan, the promised land of western Beijing, is looking forward to your visit. Let’s experience the new landmark of urban revitalization.