FlexRule’s Decision-Centric Approach® methodology empowers organizations to make quality decisions, fast

MELBOURNE, Australia, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — FlexRule®, a leading Decision Management Suite, is proud to announce that its Decision-Centric Approach® has been officially trademarked.

The Decision-Centric Approach® is a methodology that brings people, rules, data, and processes together to ensure organizations can consistently make optimized, customer-centric, and situation-aware business decisions while they meet the objectives on revenue, costs, and mitigating risks. The approach is designed to empower organizations to identify patterns and trends, uncover hidden opportunities, and make business decisions that will lead to long-term success.

FlexRule’s Decision-Centric Approach® empowers organizations to look at the problem from different angles and look at the challenges from their business decisions impacting their customers and their people. Decision-Centric Approach® enables them to use the right technology to make quality decisions, at the right time while ensuring business decisions are delivering real business values aligned with business objectives. Additionally, this ensures teams can avoid type 3 errors, solving the wrong problem that is not important for organizations. Together with FlexRule® Advanced Decision Management Suite, organizations are able to build Decision Blueprints for the outcomes they desire to achieve. This increases organizations’ ability to adapt and adjust in changing environments by ensuring relevance, increasing flexibility, and establishing transparency.

“We are thrilled to have our Decision-Centric Approach® officially trademarked,” said Arash Aghlara, CEO of FlexRule. ” ‘Quick ACT’ is what you expect when decision-centric organizations approach business decisions as the first-class citizen of their organization. As a result, the business decisions’ outcomes are Quick, Accurate, Consistent and Transparent (Quick ACT).

This is the only way to ensure the quality of business decisions. Focusing solely or starting with data, algorithms, technologies, systems or business processes can cause business decisions to become an afterthought.”

About FlexRule®:

FlexRule® is founded to empower all business, operation, and technology leaders to improve the speed and quality of critical business decisions in a changing environment.

FlexRule® provides both the Decision Management suite guided by the methodology called DECISION-CENTRIC APPROACH® to empower organizations to adapt their business decisions in changing environments effectively and efficiently. With an innovative and future-thinking approach, FlexRule® reduces the complexity of technology and makes these advanced decision-making technologies more accessible to everyone in the organization.

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