FlatFrog and Hitevision entered a confidential cooperation and intellectual property agreement

LUND, Sweden and SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — FlatFrog and Hitevision, pioneers in interactive displays and touch technology, move forward with a cooperation and intellectual property agreement in the U.S. and Europe regions. 

Interactive displays are used in classrooms for teaching as well as corporate meeting rooms to facilitate more engaging meetings. Whether you are digital whiteboarding or using them for video conferencing, the quality of the interactive touch experience is key for adoption. 

FlatFrog, with its InGlassTM technology, has been the leading innovator for improving the user experience for these displays. Its InGlassTM technology provides the lowest contact detection height in the industry and allows multiple users to digitally write on touch screens with a passive pen or finger without the frustrating latency of conventional touch screens. This technology creates a natural writing experience as natural as pen on paper and supports intuitive motions such as erasing with your finger or hand.  Because of its intuitiveness and natural handwriting advantages over conventional touch screen technologies, InGlass™ has been adopted by the world’s leading touch screen display companies, including Dell, Samsung, Sharp, NEC, Avocor and others. FlatFrog innovations have been backed by significant R&D investments over the years. FlatFrog’s considerable investments into InGlass™ and related touch screen technologies are protected by more than 65 granted patents worldwide and more than 70 pending applications.

“Intellectual property is at the heart of technological innovation,” said Anders Krook, VP, Sales at FlatFrog. “The agreement between FlatFrog and Hitevision allows further development in the market, while recognizing the value of our patent portfolio.”

Hitevision provides advanced education and information products, intelligent education solutions, and education-service solutions to users in major education markets around the world. The company owns over a thousand issued patents around the world. The company focuses on researching forward-looking technologies and has strong research and development capabilities. The company is in a leading position in technologies for information-capture and sensing, technologies for understanding complex content and for intelligent interactions, technologies for machine-vision-based intelligent-analysis, technologies for conducting big-data intelligent-analysis and generating recommendations, and other key technologies for intelligent-interactive displays. Hitevision also has established an advanced integrated research and development and manufacture base for closely integrating technology research with industrial product design, quickly reacting and responding to customers’ needs, effectively controlling products’ quality, stability, and standardization, and providing customers with cutting-edge products and high-quality services.

Both FlatFrog and Hitevision highly value intellectual property rights and promote and support the protection of intellectual property rights. The cooperation and intellectual property agreement executed by both parties fully demonstrates that both parties protect and respect intellectual property rights. This agreement not only helps to strengthen the cooperation between the two parties, but also benefits both parties in jointly expanding their businesses in the above-mentioned technology areas, while facilitate and promote intellectual property protection in the entire industry.

About FlatFrog

FlatFrog delivers best-in-class collaboration solutions for seamless interactions between people in the boardroom, conference room, classroom and beyond. With its digital whiteboard and accessories technologies developed for enterprise and education, FlatFrog is revolutionizing how teams in the modern workplace and classrooms are able to work together more productively no matter where they are individually. This unique interactive experience is powered by FlatFrog’s patented InGlassTM technology, the only all-in-one interactive collaboration solution that makes visual presentations and collaboration more impactful, regardless of operating system.

Founded in 2007, FlatFrog is headquartered in Lund, Sweden with locations in the U.S., Taiwan and South Korea. For more information, visit www.flatfrog.com.

About Hitevision

Hitevision is a well-known brand and one of the biggest manufacturers in the intelligent interactive display industry. It is also one of the few leading companies in the world that integrates research, production, and sales, and has its own capability in industrial design, hardware and software R&D, mass production, and distributions of its product lines ranging from IFPD, IWB, UC accessories, to education applications. HiteVision owns numerous advanced cutting-edge intelligent interactive display products, and provides its users with diversified multiple product choices, effective and convenient user experience, and multi-scenario solutions.

Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, HiteVision has more than 50 branches around the world, including China, the United States, Spain, South Korea, and India. For more information, please visit www.honghe-tech.com.

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