First Impression Matters – KUPU Launches Video Features in Their Latest Update

KUPU’s recent update launches video-centric features to help enhance and accelerate recruitment procedures, and skill development

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/– Building a positive image is vital to stand out from the competition in the job market. KUPU, an AI-based application that matches employers with the right talent, offers a strategic solution through its latest updates. Recently, KUPU incorporated video elements into existing features to further empower businesses’ and job seekers’ profiles, thus introducing various innovative features.

Video-centric features to help enhance and accelerate recruitment procedures, and skill development

Solution for pertaining recruitment issues

Research shows that 52% of recruiters confirmed that the most challenging part of the hiring process was identifying suitable candidates from a large pool of applicants. Finding qualified talent for a position requires the recruiters to execute loads of manual work, such as sending emails and screening through tons of CVs pouring in. There is also an issue with timeliness and concern about spending time on passive candidates who are not interested or suitable for the role.

Today, users can try out new features through KUPU proprietary AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm. After applying for a position, Job seekers can answer a series of questions provided by the job provider in a video form recorded in the KUPU app. Job seekers can also enhance their profile by bringing the skills they put in their CVs to life through the video. For instance, demonstrating coffee-making skills as a barista, a salesperson doing a presentation, a motion graphic artist displaying demo reels, and many more, providing a real-time view of job seekers’ abilities. Similarly, job providers can also upload a 30 to 60 seconds long video in their business profile or job posting to provide a dynamic picture of their working environment. The footage may contain information about the business, presenting a sneak peek of the work culture, operation, and people.

With the new feature, the time-consuming screening process will significantly improve as every applicant shall have the same standardized interview questions resulting in a fair and equal experience. On top of that, the pre-recorded videos can enhance the branding of both the business and the job seekers, which will help users build a connection before the interview process.

KUPU Academy’s dynamic content 

Based on research, a video-based content could grab viewers’ attention and is more engaging than text. It has been said that a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words as it combines various elements, from movement to sounds and text. Furthermore, our brains can process visuals much quicker than text, and people are more attracted to action. Therefore, committed to developing youngsters’ and job seekers’ skills, KUPU Academy is transitioning its free-of-charge static courses into more dynamic video-based content. The video content will incorporate entertainment elements such as animation to liven up and increase user engagement.

“From the beginning, we have aimed to design a job platform to solve the issues of unemployment and talent acquisition that businesses and individuals face daily. We are eager to introduce these video features to improve skills through engaging courses and allow the job provider to get to know the job seekers on a deeper level, taking one shortcut from the entire process,” said Andry The, KUPU Chief Information Officer.

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About KUPU 

Founded in 2021, KUPU is a mobile recruitment platform connecting job providers and seekers. The platform provides upskilling courses to increase employment visibility and ensure that each user has an equal opportunity. KUPU is expanding its following throughout Indonesia and is looking to collaborate with initiatives from the public and private sectors to strengthen the employment industry further.