SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Rencently, Song Shiqiang, the majority shareholder, general manager of two companies, Slkor and Kinghelm, continued to share the second part of “The First Experience of The Internationalization of Slkor”, i.e. Slkor’s approach to the internationalization, including ecologization, matrixing and hierarchicalization theories, together with the current layout of the product R&D, promotion and sales, and Slkor future development plan. He analyzed the underlying logic and basic theories that support these approaches.

To do things by finding out the underlying logic and following the law, this is the way to yield twice the result with half the effort. Ecological, Matrixing and Hierarchical Strategies. According to forest ecology, a vibrant forest must have mosses, grasses, and other lower plants, then shrubs and trees will grow, and finally towering trees will emerge. The lower plants can also support the earthworms underground, conceal hares to support wolves and other higher animal in the ecological chain. This is called ecosystem, where the development follows the law from low to high and from small to large, animals and plants support and constrain each other to form a closed loop, so that it can develop and live forever. It is the basic theory that is guiding Slkor ( and Kinghelm at their primary stage of development.

Overseas Market Strategy

Slkor’s overseas market strategy is divided into two major aspects: publicity and sales.

Slkor’s publicity and promotion is very comprehensive. They released a huge number of advertorials covering several channels and platforms, making Slkor occupy the minds of customers all over the world! The influence of the advertorials is more lasting and touching, and they can influence a customer’s judgement. Slkor also opened online shops on and other e-commerce platforms, and also have many overseas agents. Skor also operates with Kinghelm, a dual brand strategy that promotes understanding of the brand and products,  increasing brand exposure and user stickiness, and improving Slkor’s awareness and reputation in overseas markets.

After basically covering the English-speaking areas, Slkor’s promotional campaign will penetrate the minority language areas to escort the marketing in English-speaking areas. At present, we have already started with South Korea, Japan, India, Vietnam and other neighboring countries and regions. Next year, Kinghelm and Slkor will use Slkor’s major publicity tool in the future.

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