Finding Opportunities in Disruption: KUPU Deploys its Expertise to Prepare Job Seekers to Find New Careers

KUPU unveils features to support flexible working and top tips for job seeking during a recession.

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Nov. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — KUPU, an AI-driven platform matching skilled job seekers with employers, is announcing its strategies for supporting employment during an economic downturn. By recognizing rising opportunities such as flexible working settings, KUPU has helped talents find the right job. KUPU Academy is also continuously improving its feature to enhance job seekers’ skills and knowledge to stand out from other talents.

Upskill and earn badges through hundreds of courses in KUPU Academy.

With KUPU, talent can do more than build their resume. Take a personality test to discover traits and suitable career path. Job seeker can upskill and earn badges through hundreds of courses in KUPU Academy. Use filter option to choose the preferred job setting, such as remote, freelance, or permanent.

“Looking for opportunities during an economic downturn means you must stand out and be targeted. KUPU’s unique platform means you don’t need to waste time sifting through irrelevant jobs. The AI-backed platform can tailor search results that match your skills. By joining the KUPU academy, candidates can get certification and skills training to help them on their employment journey,” said Andry The, Chief Information Officer of KUPU.

Finding Career Opportunities in a Downturn: KUPU Top Tips

Utilize new advances in technology

Start with companies that are actively hiring and match the skillset rather than job postings to improve job search efficiency. Research the hiring companies’ culture and the hiring process. Instead of submitting applications for every job posting, consider a directed, strategic job search; this saves time and prevents frustration. Leverage KUPU’s feature by filtering for companies expanding or hiring. Job seekers can also watch short company videos and working environment situations on job providers’ profiles to see if they will be a good fit for the company.

Update your digital profile

Uploading a resume to a customizable template and including a list of all professional achievements makes it easier for recruiters to find you and pull items specific to the job posting. On KUPU app, job seekers will be able to create video profile; a new way to introduce themselves to employers as now companies can screen its future employees rather than reading through CV paper. It can also help with profile matching and shortening recruitment times. Adding the completion of the “First-day” course can also help candidates stand out and help with onboarding processes.

Consider a Flexible working setting as an option

While the goal might be a full-time job, temporary work can bridge the gap. During a downturn, many companies hire new employees as contractors before making full-time employment decisions. Temporary work can add to resumes and provide a source of income. Searching for temporary or contract positions can broaden prospects.

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About KUPU

Founded in 2021, KUPU is a mobile recruitment platform connecting job providers and seekers. The platform provides upskilling courses to increase employment visibility and ensure that each user has an equal opportunity. KUPU is expanding its following throughout Indonesia and is looking to collaborate with the public and private sectors to strengthen the employment industry.