FARobot Debuts “Swarm Autonomy” Solution

The World’s First Cross-Brand Robotic Management Platform

Accelerating Intralogistics Automation

TAIPEI, Aug. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — FARobot, the strategic joint venture by Hon Hai Technology Group (“Foxconn”) (TWSE: 2317) and ADLINK Technology Inc (TWSE: 6166) today debuted its “Swarm Autonomy” solution at the Automation Taipei exhibition which is the world’s first robotic management platform with cross-brand integrability across IT, OT systems, IoT devices, and factory equipment. The solution has been assisting intralogistics automation for leading global manufacturers including AUO and Juluen and is to be introduced to FOXCONN’s lighthouse factory project.

Demand volatility is shaping the new productivity standard, with additional challenges of labor shortage and rising costs, driving manufacturers and logistic operators to seek more flexible and resilient solutions. Automated material handling is a key application connecting end-to-end production processes but becomes the biggest pain point for industries. Due to insufficient experiences and techniques needed for integrating backend infrastructure and frontend equipment, manufacturers need to spend a tremendous amount of time and costs on custom solutions, lowering the pace of industrial automation.

Swarm Autonomy is the game changer for international manufacturers solving those issues. Its Swarm Core software platform features agile integration, enabling easy deployment and scalability of cross-brand robots and equipment into the existing system and network infrastructures; agile operation, which delivers dynamic configuration, intelligent management, real-time monitoring, and control of robotic fleets and field equipment thanks to Swarm knowledge sharing technology; and agile optimization, which dynamically schedules operation tasks to ensure an uninterrupted process flow even in case of unexpected situations.

“Robotics is one of FOXCONN Group’s “3+3″ emerging industries and is our solid foundation for moving toward automated, digitized, and intelligent production,” said James Tu, Chief Investment Officer of FOXCONN and Chairman of FARobot. “FARobot is expected to play an important role in the Group’s smart manufacturing system in the future.”

“Thanks to FOXCONN’s manufacturing big data, and ADLINK’s domain insight and innovations, we brought the Swarm Autonomy solution to industry within only 2 years,” said Ryan Chen, General Manager of FARobot. “It enables flexible interoperability across limitless robotic fleets running on a universal platform (Swarm Core) with a universal robotic communication technology (Swarm Protocol), enhancing production efficiency and equipment utilization.”

FARobot also launched its highly reliable Swarm Mobile Robot (SMR) series designed in compliance with the EN ISO 3691-4 standard. The SMR250 and SMR1000 of 250kg and 1000kg payload respectively support seamless integration with Swarm Core, enabling agile collaboration with factory equipment. It is widely compatible with various sensors and top-modules and ideal for diverse environments and OEM sectors. 

FARobot is expanding its reseller and integrator network worldwide with strong competence in IT system integrations. Swarm Core can also be licensed by enterprise IT software, including ERP, WMS, and WES vendors. Lastly, FARobot aims to support innovative players with design and manufacturing services for large fleets of vehicles. Please visit FARobot for more information at its booth during Automation Taipei Exhibition 8/24-27 at TaiNEX2, 1F, P832, or visit www.farobottech.com.

[About FARobot]

FARobot is a joint venture founded by FOXCONN (TWSE: 2317) and ADLINK (TWSE: 6166), focusing on DDS-empowered robotic technology. Its patented Swarm Core platform enables agile collaboration among different types of operating equipment, as well as IT, OT, and IoT devices from various partners. Along with its Swarm Mobile Robot (SMR) series, the Swarm Autonomy solution introduces game-changing intralogistics automation and enhances optimized efficiency in manufacturing, logistics, retail, and healthcare sectors.