Fanttik Improves Car Cleanliness with New Vacuums

HOUSTON, Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fanttik is proud to announce it’s V8 Mate (for compact cars) and V9 Mate (for SUVs) car vacuums, which offer drivers the opportunity for a spotless ride with both models’ impressive light weight and powerful design, will be launched on Oct. 25, 2022. 

Perfect for Pet Fur and Debris

Soocial reports that 78% of Americans with pets take them on their travels. Combine fur with dirt, twigs, grass, and leaves tracked into the car on pets’ paws and coats, and that’s a lot of debris. Owners can eliminate much of the mess their animals drag into the car by using a portable vacuum. The Fanttik V8 Mate vacuum includes extension tubes and extension hoses to easily clean hard-to-reach corners, a brush to clean stubborn dust from crevasses, and a pet brush suitable for carpet and picking up pet hair on fabric surfaces. The V9 Mate offers a 4 ft. flexible retractable hose that can reach pet hair in the deep nooks and crannies of the car. LED lights make it easier to find pet debris in every corner of the vehicle.

Easy to Use for First-Time Car Cleaners

Unlike at home, dirty shoes stay on in the car, snacking during rush hour on the way home from work. All that use makes for a messy car interior, but most people don’t bother cleaning as often as they should. For novice car cleaners, the Fanttik V8 Mate, only weighing 1.2 lbs. with a wireless design, allows to easily handle sand, dust and debris in every corner of the car with one hand. Compact and portable, the attached storage bag is convenient for car storage. Similarly, the V9 Mate only weighs 2.2 lbs. and features an ergonomic design, open non-slip handle, is easy to hold and works effortlessly for long hours. Its portable wireless design allows it to be used anywhere, anytime.

Fast Charging for Last-minute Cleaning 

Whether it’s a spur-of-the-moment date night or you let your messy friend borrow your ride, the Fanttik V8 and V9 car vacuums charge quickly for last-minute cleaning. Both the V8 and V9 vacuums use the Type-C fast charging cable to charge them anytime, anywhere, and can be fully charged in as little as 2 hours.

The V8’s powerful two-gear suction adjustment can be used for 30 minutes, and the high gear can be used for 12 minutes. The V9’s innovative air duct system with an 80,000 RPM high-speed brushless motor is quiet and energy efficient. With 40AW/13kPa strong suction, the V9 can easily complete daily cleaning continuously for 30 minutes in ECO mode.

“Fanttik’s V8 and V9 car vacuums are the perfect addition to every car owner’s garage. Never before has cleaning your vehicle been so easy. We designed these products with the car enthusiast and car novice in mind,” shares Du Bo, CEO of Fanttik. “We are thrilled to help shoppers cross off multiple people from their list this holiday season and watch them rejoice at the two products’ affordable prices. Happy Holidays!”  


The Fanttik V8 Mate and V9 Mate car vacuums can be purchased from Fanttik’s Amazon store.

About Fanttik 

Fanttik is a dynamic brand focused on outdoor and automotive products that provide everything you need for the perfect road trip. Their product range includes tire inflators, jump starters, car vacuum and more to keep travelers moving from Point A to Point B and create an enjoyable, safe trip.