Fanbase now enables TikTok migration onto the Fanbase platform

ATLANTA, March 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — For many social media users, it is a burden to manually re-upload all your content; so now you can import your entire TikTok content to Fanbase.

Fanbase makes it super simple to migrate all of your TikTok content, with just a few taps!

 Here is how you do it!

1.) Go to settings

2.) Select the option “Import Content” from TikTok

3.) Copy the link and paste it on the TikTok bio in the TikTok App

4.) Your migration process will then start

5.) Check the question “what do you want to move?”. Click the options that you want to migrate: profile/content

6.) Press “Continue”

After completing the instructions above, a mirror image of your content will appear on your Fanbase page.

TikTok, the hugely popular short-form video app owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, has come under increased pressure from legislators in the US, Europe, and Canada in recent months due to security concerns as the app utilizes user-data that can be collected by the Chinese government.

Several governments have already banned the application from all government issued devices. This includes the United States, The European Union, as well as most recently, Ontario.

Fanbase aims to provide a safe space for all users, free of any data-driven ramifications.

About Fanbase

At Fanbase we are founded on the notion that everyone has a fanbase. We are on a quest to democratize social media for everyone with a following and everyone should have the same abilities to reach and monetize that fanbase. so we wake up every day creating new value for all. We are on a quest to democratize social media for everyone with a following.

Fanbase enables anyone to fully monetize their content via subscription at $4.99 a month for exclusive access to images, audio chat rooms, short-form content, and long-form content, such as podcasts, docu-series, movies, and more, all while being free to download with no content suppression that older applications employ. Fanbase also has a virtual currency known as “Love” and users can give “loves” on any type of content on Fanbase. This allows everyone to profit from their creative work rather than the other way around.

Fanbase is the innovator of the subscription-based model, “microcasting,” where the user shares the content directly with their Fanbase, which puts microcast and monetization potential at the forefront for the benefit of all users, redefining monetized creative.

Through equity crowdfunding, our users are encouraged to invest in the platform that they make possible. Oftentimes, marginalized groups do not have the opportunity to profit off the platforms that they make popular and as a Black-founded company, we want to give the world the opportunity to grow with us. Fanbase has even received the honor of having the highest raised capital on the platform and is looking to bring the frontier of content monetization to you, the user.