FaithHeart Jewelry Enhances Its Presence in the US Market with New Official Website

GUANGZHOU, China, Sept. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Global jeweler FaithHeart has recently launched a new official website as it continues to expand throughout the U.S. market. Known for creating high-quality and affordable Norse Viking symbol jewelry, FaithHeart has already served millions of customers around the world since its founding in 2018. Now, the company intends to strengthen its brand image, establish itself as an iconic jewelry manufacturer, and increase its presence in more markets.


FaithHeart founder, Jack Chen, is a firm believer that Viking culture and beliefs continue to influence the modern world, but that symbolism in the form of jewelry is often overpriced and produced in poor quality. FaithHeart was established to popularize these declining ancient symbols of conquering nature, the cold, fear, and courage. The brand produces pieces that combine traditional Viking values of bravery, tenacity, and fearlessness, with modern design principles.

Jack Chen said, “At FaithHeart, we believe that ancient Viking culture and beliefs are still influencing the modern world, but there are relatively few Viking-themed jewelry brands on the market that are high-quality with a reasonable price. We hope that by producing high-quality Viking culture-inspired religious jewelry for men, the wearer can understand the brave spirit of the Vikings and strengthen their inner selves. The U.S. market is one we have already been cultivating, and the launch of our new official website will be an opportunity to establish a more direct relationship with American consumers to better understand their values and preferred Viking jewelry styles.”

Maintaining a belief that ‘All things are possible with faith,’ FaithHeart is positioning itself to be a jewelry brand focused on exceptional design manufacturing, affordable pricing, and deep philosophical meaning. In terms of price, FaithHeart adopts a mid-to-low-end positioning strategy, carefully selecting materials and packaging to minimize unnecessary costs. Aside from feeling confident in purchasing reasonably priced and high-quality Viking jewelry, the brand’s intention is for all wearers to feel the wisdom of the Vikings passed down from history, nature, and faith.

FaithHeart began in 2018 as a small brand serving local customers and has since expanded rapidly to serve customers in over 200 countries and regions worldwide, including the United States, Russia, Korea, Brazil, and others. The brand previously sold primarily through major online retailers such as Amazon, AliExpress, Wish, and eBay. Because of its emphasis on e-commerce, FaithHeart has been able to focus on producing high-quality in-demand Norse Viking jewelry products while keeping prices competitive and customers’ voices heard.

The company’s inspiration from Vikings and Viking culture enabled them to deeply track, dig, and reflect on market demand for accessories. So far, the brand has issued several themed jewelry pieces including animal totems, religious symbols, and other Viking-related figures. The company sees its passion and mission as being to transform the jewelry market and understands that committing to listening and learning from consumers as being the best way to achieve global market success and turn FaithHeart into an internationally-renowned jewelry brand.

About FaithHeart

FaithHeart was founded in 2018 and started a jewelry business with Norse Viking symbols. Inspired by more cultural elements like animal totems and religious symbols, FaithHeart is devoted to combining jewelry with cultural elements to create pieces for the wearer to feel faith themselves. By offering high-quality and affordable mens Viking jewelry with sophisticated material and craftsmanship, FaithHeart Jewelry pieces have shipped worldwide, and are also welcomed and recommended by millions of customers.

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