Eye Level Thailand’s CSR Scholarships: Redefining Education with Social Responsibility

BANGKOK, Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Embarking on a journey to redefine education with a touch of social responsibility, Eye Level Thailand is making waves as a leading and professionally-driven education company. Renowned for its commitment to excellence in Math and English education, Eye Level Thailand is now taking its dedication a step further.

In a groundbreaking move, Eye Level Thailand is proud to announce a transformative scholarship program, exemplifying its mission to make quality education accessible to all. Teaming up with Rama9 Kanjanapisek School in Bangkok, Eye Level Thailand is set to award 10 exclusive scholarships—5 for immersive Math classes and another 5 for dynamic English courses.

These ten students have embarked on a six-month journey of academic growth and social responsibility, exemplifying the future leaders we strive to nurture.

As of December 1, 2023, the first cohort of 10 students has embarked on a six-month educational journey that promises not just academic growth but also a glimpse into Eye Level’s unwavering commitment to societal well-being.

What sets Eye Level Thailand apart is not just its professional approach to education but its vision to instill a sense of social responsibility in every student. By fostering an environment where learning goes hand in hand with giving back, Eye Level Thailand is not just shaping minds but creating future leaders with a heart for the community.

Stay tuned for updates on Eye Level Thailand’s inspiring CSR initiatives and scholarship programs. Join us on this educational adventure where excellence meets social responsibility, and together, we redefine the future of education.

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