Exterro Announces Generative-AI Powered Assistant for E-Discovery

Exterro Assist brings the power of large language models to boost user productivity by enabling users to automate actions, generate data insights, and search precisely, all in natural language.

PORTLAND, Ore. and COIMBATORE, India, Jan. 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Exterro, a leading data risk management software company, today announced Exterro Assist, an advanced AI assistant for E-discovery, privacy and data governance, forensic investigations, and cybersecurity experts. Boasting a wide range of capabilities, Exterro Assist is embedded within Exterro products, enabling customers to quickly search and retrieve contextually relevant information and automate complex workflows using natural language, increasing productivity by as much as 75%. Exterro Assist will first be available as an add-on to Exterro Legal Hold customers and will soon become available within every module of the Exterro Data Risk Management Platform.

Exterro Assist: Empowering Experts with AI-Driven Efficiency in E-Discovery and Data Governance

“Exterro has a long record of introducing AI innovations in the E-Discovery field. Once again, we are at the forefront of the industry with the introduction of our generative AI-powered assistant,” said Ajith Samuel, Cofounder and Chief Product Officer at Exterro. “Our users may now efficiently complete the majority of their E-discovery tasks and workflows through simple conversational interactions. Exterro Assist is seamlessly embedded with our E-discovery solutions and understands user interactions contextually, not just the literal meaning. Exterro Assist is built with all the necessary guardrails and validations in place to meet the stringent privacy and security requirements that today’s data risk management professionals demand.”

Exterro Assist offers users of Exterro’s Data Risk Management Platform the following benefits:

Productivity Gains: Exterro Assist increases platform-wide productivity by up to 75% by allowing users to quickly and precisely find information, easily create dashboards and reports, get in-product help, and automate complex workflows using natural language commands. Accelerated and Automated Investigations: By providing Exterro Assist with a brief summary of the key elements of the case, teams can use it to drastically reduce data volumes, saving both time and expense. Defensibility: Exterro Assist was designed with interpretability in mind, providing multiple layers of validation so users can understand why the model is returning a given output. In addition, all actions taken using Exterro Assist are automatically documented in a clear audit trail, providing users with full transparency into how it was used and the actions taken. Enterprise-Grade Guardrails: Exterro security certificates attest to the fact that we maintain the highest security requirements. We ensure every customer’s data is isolated, and we provide fine-grain controls to customers over their models.

About Exterro, Inc.

Exterro empowers organizations and law enforcement agencies to achieve better legal, regulatory and investigation outcomes, save money, and minimize the impact of threats by addressing data risk. Its data risk management software is the only comprehensive platform that combines data discovery, automation, workflow optimization, and responsible AI to provide insight into and control over the complex interconnections of privacy, legal operations, digital investigations, cybersecurity response, compliance, and information governance. Thousands of teams around the world in corporations, law firms, managed services providers, and government and law enforcement agencies trust Exterro to manage their risks and drive successful outcomes at a lower cost. For more information, visit www.exterro.com.