Exploring the Digital Silk Road in the Ancient Capital of Xi’an

XI’AN, China, April 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — CRI Online News: The 2024 World Internet Conference Digital Silk Road Development Forum will open in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, on April 16, with the “Digital Connectivity Shines on the Silk Road” media event held in the run-up to the forum. As part of the event, a media delegation was invited to witness local development trends in high-end, precision, and sophisticated innovation firsthand in the ancient capital of Xi’an.

The 2024 World Internet Conference Digital Silk Road Development Forum

New opportunities following the construction of the Belt and Road have propelled Shaanxi to the forefront in recent years, deepening cooperation with the initiative’s many participating countries and regions and benefiting the digital economy through innovation, trade, and cross-border e-commerce.

As part of its visit, the media delegation was welcomed to iFLYTEK’s Shaanxi branch, where it had the chance to learn about the role iFLYTEK has played in the development of Shaanxi’s digital economy everywhere from education and healthcare to the advent of the smart city.

Xi’an-based Eclicktech harnesses big data and AI to help enterprises go global. Its trailblazing AI platform is the region’s greatest champion of cross-border trade, reaching levels previously beyond imagining.

Shaanxi’s digital economy for 2023 has been valued at RMB 1.4 trillion, accounting for over 40% of the province’s GDP. An increase of 18% to the added value of digital product manufacturing has contributed significantly to the construction of the 21st century Digital Silk Road. The value core industries add to the digital economy in Xi’an accounts for upwards of 9% of municipal GDP, with no countries or cities along the Belt and Road untouched by its new digital products.