Explore the Emerging Future of Digital Intelligence at the Digital Finance Forum 2023, Now Underway!

BEIJING, July 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Report to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China highlighted the need to accelerate the development of the digital economy, further integrate it with the real economy, and build internationally competitive digital industry clusters. Besides, it presented significant plans for the growth of the digital industry, providing a strategic roadmap for further advancing China’s digital economy. Digital finance, as an important support for the development of the digital economy, is a vital link for the digital reform of the entire industry. In order to further promote the development of digital finance in Beijing, the Digital Finance Forum 2023 will be held on July 6 in the Beijing Banking & Insurance Business Park in Shijingshan District. This Digital Finance Forum, organized by the Shijingshan District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality and Asia Digital Group, holds significant prominence within the Global Digital Economy Conference 2023.

The forum focuses on how to drive financial innovation and digital strategic upgrades under the new dual-cycle pattern, and help the construction of a new digital financial ecosystem, striving to open a new era of high-quality development of fintech and continue to enhance the international influence of Beijing’s digital economy.

Bring together global resources to create a new highland for digital finance in Beijing

As industries and enterprises increasingly embrace cloud, digital, and intelligent technologies, the concept of digital finance has evolved to foster collaborative development, symbiosis, win-win situations, and value creation. How to transform development concepts into industrial practice to help the development of the digital economy has captured attention across various sectors.

Heads of international financial organizations, senior experts, scholars, and business leaders from more than 10 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, New Zealand, Austria, Sri Lanka, and Slovenia will gather at the Digital Finance Forum 2023. With “Digital Intelligence Is Awaiting Us” as the core, our discussions center on fostering digital financial market entities, promoting digital financial innovation and development, and expanding digital financial scenario applications. This will involve exchanging ideas, fostering collaboration, and establishing interconnections among stakeholders involved in digital finance, modern finance, financial technology, and digital currency. By leveraging data as a fundamental element of production and harnessing digital technology as a catalyst, we aim to facilitate the seamless integration of enterprises, universities, research institutes and end-users. This collaborative effort will expedite the realization of data value and create a force that propels fintech forward.

Beijing stands at the forefront of the global digital economy, benefiting greatly from its comprehensive approach that combines policy guidance, factor utilization, regional coordination, and integration and upgrading. To further enhance its progress, Beijing has introduced the “Beijing Digital Economy Promotion Regulations” this year, designed to provide a legislative framework for its digital economy initiatives. These regulations explicitly highlight that digital finance has ushered in new development opportunities by promoting the establishment of a robust digital financial system, supporting financial institutions in their digital transformation efforts, and facilitating the development of inclusive finance through data fusion applications.

In recent years, Shijingshan District has made great efforts to create a new highland for the development of digital finance, evidenced by the establishment of a number of national financial infrastructures such as the Financial Information Technology Innovation Ecological Laboratory, the National Banking and Insurance Industry Information Data Center, and the National FinTech Evaluation Center. Digital finance has emerged as a significant driving force, enabling a new wave of high-quality development in the regional economy. The upcoming Digital Finance Forum will play a pivotal role in fostering the consolidation and growth of the modern financial industry in Shijingshan District. Moreover, it will facilitate the expansion of openness and innovation within the realm of modern finance, thereby establishing an exceptional hub for advancing digital financial development in the capital city.

Build an international cooperation platform to promote the high-quality development of digital finance

While discussing the trend of the global financial industry, this Digital Finance Forum has built a large platform for the interaction, display, exchange and cooperation of global resource with rich activities, so as to enable the development of the capital’s digital economy and the building of a digital financial highland in Shijingshan District.

This forum has established debut and project signing initiatives to effectively highlight and promote exceptional products and services in the digital finance industry. Through preliminary collection and screening, a selection of highly innovative and pioneering digital financial products will be unveiled during the event. The forum aims to enhance the visibility of these debut products and significant contracted projects, ultimately contributing to their successful transformation, signing and landing. In addition, the business investigation activity in Shijingshan District will be organized, bringing together representatives from various entities such as governments, embassies in China, members of the Digital Finance Think Tank of Shijingshan District, overseas innovative enterprises, enterprises invested by IDG, financial institutions, and investment institutions. This collaborative effort aims to pool diverse perspectives and collective dedication, resulting in valuable recommendations for the development of the district. Furthermore, it serves as a catalyst for fostering two-way exchanges between governments and enterprises, as well as promoting domestic and foreign cooperation. Ultimately, this initiative will play a pivotal role in accelerating the progress of digital finance and achieving high-quality development.

This Digital Finance Forum breaks the boundaries of time and space through the cloud, in such forms as exhibitions, conferences, negotiations, visit to exhibitions, services and docking, closely linking representatives from all parties around the world. The cloud platform enables live streaming of the forum, interactive discussions, demand publishing, online negotiations, and resource docking. The bilingual services can link global resources in digital finance to achieve online transaction matching and intelligent demand matching. What’s more, the Cloud Exhibition of Digital Financial Achievements will cover the new achievements in the development of modern financial industry in Shijingshan District, and the innovative ideas for financial development of the “two zones”. Important innovative achievements such as TechFin, Green Finance, Industrial Finance, Financial Security, Financial Services, and Information Technology will be unveiled.

This Digital Finance Forum, organized by the Shijingshan District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality and Asia Digital Group, holds significant prominence within the Global Digital Economy Conference 2023. Furthermore, it serves as a highly esteemed platform dedicated to facilitating international collaboration in digital finance. The Global Digital Economy Conference 2023 will be staged on July 4-7, 2023 in Beijing. It is hosted by People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Commerce, Cyberspace Administration of China, and China Association for Science and Technology, and organized by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, People’s Government of Lhasa Municipality, Chaoyang District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, China Association of Communication Enterprises, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, cctv.com and Asia Digital Group.

The Digital Finance Forum of the Global Digital Economy Conference 2023 is about to commence, and we look forward to working with you to delve into the exciting realm of the emerging digital intelligence.