Experience the Christmas Spirit with Tuya Smart for a Warmer, Cozier Celebration

NEW YORK, Dec. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Christmas is a time of joy, tradition, and celebration. Unfortunately, with the energy crisis today, global economic conditions waning, and inflationary pressures persisting, it may be hard for some to get into the spirit of Christmas this year. A survey of over 400 retailers showed that two-thirds reported decreased foot fall compared to last year’s Christmas season. Only one in five merchants have been satisfied with this year’s sales.

To combat the “energy winter” and keep Christmas a warm yet energy-saving experience, Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global IoT development platform service provider, is collaborating with international partners to provide various smart products and solutions. So, let’s take a brief look at the hottest Christmas products this year.

1. Beat the Winter Chill with Heallux Electric Heating Low-Side Stoves

The Heallux Electric Heating Low-Side Stove has been designed with a silicon-based crystal plate to provide fast and efficient three-sided heating. It includes automatic heating and power-off features for maintaining a constant temperature and energy efficiency. In addition, this stove offers cozy comfort with its 60°C table top, perfect for keeping hot drinks warm during winter. And, great for warming cold hands.

Furthermore, its French-style design is popular in Europe and can be an excellent choice for adding a warm atmosphere to family gatherings at Christmas. Heallux products are renowned for their practical style, functional experience, and superior quality, which continues to impress consumers.

2. Get Deliciously Crispy, Healthy Meals with the SILVERCREST Smart XL Air Fryer – No Greasy Mess, No Guilt!

As Christmas approaches, the festive season brings a special treat – Tuya-enabled SILVERCREST Smart XL Air Fryer. This multi-functional air fryer features 50 different kinds of smart cooking recipes which allows you to make your special meal. You can even use it to control, monitor, and schedule your meals from your smartphone.

In addition, the air fryer comes with ten intuitive presets that allow you to make pizzas, bake cookies, grill meat, fish and vegetables, and more with just a touch of a button. The temperature can be set from 60 ℃ to 200 ℃ so that you can cook meals quickly and easily without additional oil, and offer you a crispy layer and delicious flavor.

3. Get Ready to Enhance Your Home Entertainment with the HDMI Screen Synchronizer, the Ultimate Must-Have for Audio and Video Enjoyment!

The Tuya-enabled HDMI Screen Synchronizer is the perfect solution for creating an immersive entertainment experience in your home. This Zigbee gateway can be used to control and manage sub-devices, allowing them to sync with the lighting and video throughout the house. So when Christmas comes around, your living room can become a magical environment with lights that instantly change in time with the screen image, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere.

Additionally, when watching movies and playing games, the background lighting effects will enhance the experience even further, providing an intense and captivating mood. All these features make the HDMI Screen Synchronizer an ideal choice for those looking to feel right in the middle of their favorite movie or game.

4. Light Up Your Home with Smart String Lights and Create a Winter Wonderland

The Christmas season is a time of joyful celebration, and one way to make it more special is by hanging up smart string lights. These Tuya-enabled string lights come in single and double-color variants and illusion designs that allow for dynamic UI experiences, multi-scenario selection, and even music rhythm modes.

These Tuya-enabled smart string lights can be used both indoors and outdoors to create various shapes, instantly transforming a space into a fun and festive atmosphere. Furthermore, they can be easily controlled through apps, voice commands, or remote control to reduce energy usage, making them an eco-friendly choice for lighting up any location.

5. Create a Festive Holiday Atmosphere with Smart Dimming Solutions for the Perfect Glow!

Tuya Smart’s all-in-one dimming solution offers a comprehensive and convenient interactive experience, perfect for fostering the feeling of Christmas. It features a wide range of functions such as color, temperature, brightness control, music rhythm setting, and longitude and latitude biorhythm adaptation.

Moreover, it supports various operation modes, including mobile phone apps, physical buttons, infrared remote control, and voice control. Scene automation allows users to customize their lighting links according to their needs, providing them with a healthier and more exciting environment.

During this holiday season, Tuya is helping customers target their markets more accurately and capture the opportunities of this special holiday time. Despite some of the concerns this winter, Tuya and its partners are offering a range of smart products and solutions to keep us in the Christmas spirit. By combining cutting-edge IoT technology with deep customer understanding, Tuya is leading the way in smart consumer innovation.