evowera Launches planck mini – A Smart New Manual Toothbrush

SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — evowera, an up-and-coming technology firm in China focused on the consumer electronics industry, recently launched the planck mini smart manual toothbrush in global markets. As a new type of oral cleaning product, the planck mini not only provides a new way of brushing for its users, but also implements smart technology to meet the diverse dental needs of children and adults alike – even those with sensitive teeth.

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With the goal of developing high-performance consumer electronics, evowera planck mini is an innovative manual toothbrush that boasts smart functionality and a fun user experience as its unique competitive edge. Embedded in the handle, a TFT-LCD full-color screen shows brushing reports, uncleaned zones, and incidental information such as date and weather via intelligent cloud technology and advanced algorithms. It helps users to interpret their teeth-cleaning results to further improve efficiency and technique.

By considering the multiple needs of different age groups, planck mini covers the full spectrum of kids and adults, and effectively meets the needs of those with dental sensitivities. It helps parents observe the ways their children brush and leads users to effectively manage their oral health, while assisting couples – or even friends – to maintain intimate relationships through its unique message functionality, adding extra meaning to the daily toothbrushing routine.

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Manual toothbrush with smart functions

The planck mini continues to build on the built-in six axis gyroscope sensor applied previously in the evowera flagship planck O1, which was certified by the ADA (American Dental Association) for its excellent plaque removal behavior and assistance in gingivitis reduction and prevention. As the next iteration in the planck series, the planck mini can identify users’ brushing gestures more precisely. The smart tech maps the teeth into 12 zones, detects and displays uncleaned zones and reminds users to re-clean missed spots.

In addition, the high-precision detection sensor monitors the pressure applied by users. If the brushing is too intense, planck mini will notify users by flashing the screen red and vibrating the handle, signalling that they should ease off a little. All combined, these elements work in tandem to prevent dentine and gum damage and correctly build good brushing habits.

evowera is also focused on the distinct bristle needs of different age groups. The planck mini provides four choices of bristle that incorporate soft high-density and wide-head designs to find a comfortable balance in effective cleaning.

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Advanced Wi-Fi-Enabled App

Users can follow multiple planck mini IDs through the evowera NSO App to get family and friends’s brushing reports. Through the App, users can track other users’ brushing performances, but also can send messages and stickers to engage with them. The visual experience makes the daily toothbrushing ritual a fun and social experience.

“Since the planck O1 high-performance adaptive electric toothbrush launched in 2020, evowera has collected the users’ feedback, and across the past two years has continually updated and prototyped accordingly. With the insights of manual toothbrush users, the planck mini was designed to provide a high-tech experience to enhance manual brushing. In addition, we are always ideating to create more products that meet different users needs, and in turn lead us to further epiphanies and breakthroughs. Electric toothbrushs are powerful and efficient cleaning tools, but without taking into account user sensitivity and individual oral conditions, they are limited in their application. We hope to break the wall between sensitive users and smart products, so that more people can enjoy smart toothbrushing with us.” said, Yihan Liu, one of the founders.

evowera will continue to develop high-quality dental products and other smart electronic appliances to provide technology-driven solutions for customers. The planck mini is now available on evowera.com and Amazon.com.

About evowera:

evowera, part of Shenzhen EVOWERA Technology Co.,Ltd, was founded in 2017 with a goal of developing high performance consumer electronics. The brand name “evowera” originates from “evolutionary eras we implement”.

As alumni of DJI – the world’s pioneer drone company – the founding team’s motivation to create evowera came from the inspiration of integrating advanced propulsion systems with consumer electronic products, and the desire to bring unprecedented product experiences to customers through countless iterations of fundamental technologies with the endless pursuit of quality. evowera believes even a small improvement in product performance could revive traditional products in a whole new light.