Evolve Media Announces MusicFeeds Relaunch, Redefining Australian Music Coverage

Evolve’s Aussie music property is marching to the beat of a new drum, with an all-new redesign and managing editor.

SYDNEY, March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Evolve Media LLC, a passion-based publisher of some of the most significant internet brands since 1996, has announced the debut of the all-new MusicFeeds.

MusicFeeds Redesign Includes New Look, Layout, & Faster Content Delivery System

The all-new MusicFeeds website is yet another exciting relaunch as part of an ongoing partnership between Evolve Media and leading web engineering firm, XWP.

In addition to a refreshed design and an updated, more user-friendly layout, the site features a dramatically improved CMS for faster content delivery and around the clock music industry coverage.

“The new MusicFeeds design provides a more engaging user experience geared toward increasing time spent on page and other valuable performance metrics, ” said Laura Borelli, Director of Brand Partnerships for Evolve Media Australia. “We look forward to leveraging the new technology and content for our various industry partners.”

New Managing Editor To Drive More Diverse Content Lineup, New Music Discovery

The updated MusicFeeds relaunch also includes the debut of a new Managing Editor, Billy Burgess. Under Burgess, MusicFeeds is tackling deeper coverage of the underground music scene to highlight exciting new music before it hits the airwaves.

“MusicFeeds has a very musically literate readership and I see it as our role to not only engage with the audience’s existing tastes and preferences, but also to act as a portal to new discoveries.” said Billy Burgess, Managing Editor for Billy Burgess. “It also helps that myself and the rest of the team are obsessed with music and always eager to shine a spotlight on the things we love and things that sit outside the confines of commercial accessibility.”

For more information, please visit MusicFeeds.com.au.

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