Evermos Wins ‘Financial Times dan International Finance Corporation (FT/IFC) 2022 Transformational Business Awards’ for Gender-Lens Finance as Special Commendee

BANDUNG, Indonesia, Nov. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Evermos, Indonesia’s number 1 social commerce platform, won ‘FT/IFC Transformational Business Awards 2022’ from well-known media Financial Times (FT) and International Finance Corporation (IFC), which is part of World Bank Group. As a special commendee in the “Transformational Finance Solution – Gender-lens Finance” category, Evermos was recognized to have been successfully delivering innovations, solutions, and breakthroughs that are sustainable in the economy and finance sector, ahead of more than 200 applicants from around the globe. The awarding ceremony was held at the end of October 2022 in London, England, and broadcasted live via the official website.

Evermos’ Women’s Empowerment Programs Penetrate Lower Income Cities

Evermos Co-Founder and Chief of Sustainability, Iqbal Muslimin, said, “Evermos was founded with a big dream: to empower millions of Indonesian women so that they are creative, independent, and beneficial to others. We believe that as the backbone of future generations, women can be successful entrepreneurs without abandoning their role as mothers, wives, or sisters in their families.”

IFC Director of Communication and Outreach, Steven Shalita, said at the award ceremony, “The candidate who received a special commendation for the Gender-lens Finance category has digitally created 500,000 micro-entrepreneurs, the majority of whom are women and live in lower-income cities.”

Gender-Lens Finance is one of the four categories of the 2022 FT/IFC Transformational Business Awards that are specifically created to promote global initiatives that could reduce the issue of discrimination against women in economic development. “Initiatives from Evermos have resulted in a 30% income uplift (for those women),” continued Steven.

Empowering women by providing support that could make entrepreneurship easier for anyone willing

Evermos is able to empower women because it developed grown to become more than just a reseller platform that connects brands, resellers, and consumers. With more than 2 million downloads, the application platform has evolved into a comprehensive ecosystem that provides end-to-end support for all three stakeholders.

Evermos guides its resellers until they become successful entrepreneurs without charging any membership fee. Up to 10,000 hours of routine training scheduled each semester, hundreds of on-demand business learning modules, and at least 1200 local resellers spread throughout Indonesia are easily accessible.

To increase the inclusiveness of the community, Evermos also launched a digital community called Komunitas Belajar Bisnis (Business Learning Community) by Evermos. By participating in the Facebook Group, members could access a wide range of business knowledge, from marketing theory to technical skills such as design and copywriting.

Putri Aryanto, Reseller and Member of Komunitas Belajar Bisnis by Evermos, stated during an interview, “The learning materials are good and very useful. It was easy to follow, especially because we got to practice the lesson immediately. This method keeps us curious and hungry to learn more.” Anyone interested in entrepreneurship can join with more than 150.000 members in the digital community for free. We only need to access the Facebook Group or go to https://evermos.info/joinKBB.

Strengthening its commitment to gender equality throughout its ecosystem, Evermos make collaboration with UN Women and W20

Evermos’ commitment to gender equality is not promoted only for the resellers, but also throughout its ecosystem: internal employees, resellers, local brands, and other partners. This gender equality commitment was then strengthened by becoming a signatory to the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) of UN Women. Going the extra mile, Evermos then collaborates with W20, an engagement group of G20 that focuses on women’s economic empowerment.

Together with W20, Evermos held a series of events called Story of Us, an exclusive dialogue between 60 women entrepreneurs. This series aims to encourage more women to realize and optimize their unlimited potential. Starting from expressing what they like through business, seasoned womenpreneurs shared their stories and how they can be consistent and beneficial for others. The Business Owner of Havilla Gourmet Tea, Neysa Valeria, shared in her story, “do things that make your heart sing. That is my principle in running a business consistently. If I wasn’t a tea lover, I might have given up long ago during the ups and downs of building Havila.”

“These efforts are still small compared to the pressing issue. We plan to improve it further. This award is an appreciation presented for all Evermos stakeholders: the internal team, brands, and especially resellers,” said Iqbal.

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About Evermos

Evermos is a social commerce platform for resellers selling various products from MSMEs and local brands to consumers. Committed to supporting the Government to create an inclusive economy, digital transformation, and job creation, Evermos is paving the way for all elements of society beyond Tier 1 cities who want to earn extra income by becoming a reseller just for free through one application away.

Evermos presents a one-stop application that provides product interfaces, catalogs (sales & marketing kits), digital payment pages, and logistics. Evermos also enables resellers to foster their knowledge and skills in sales and marketing through regular and continuous training from professional trainers. Currently, Evermos has empowered more than 500,000 active resellers across Indonesia and cooperated with more than 700 brand partners who are 100% locals.

In 2021, Evermos managed to raise $30 million Series B funding. It was also nominated as the Forbes Asia 100 to Watch in the Asia-Pacific region due to its capability to deliver social change and scale up despite the pandemic. Evermos is also a member of the Global Innovator for the World Economic Forum and actively participates in the discussions of the world economy, especially in the MSME sector.

In H1 2022, Evermos has managed to collect three achievements at once: Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, winner of the International 3G Championship Award for Women Empowerment by Cambridge IFA in Dubai, and becoming part of Endeavor Entrepreneur after thorough and tight evaluation process.

To find out more about Evermos’s products and services, please visit the official website page at https://evermos.com/home/