EVE Energy vaults to second in 1Q24 Energy-Storage Cell Shipment Ranking by InfoLink Consulting

MUNICH, June 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — EVE Energy, a leading global lithium-ion battery company, has sprinted to second place in the 1Q24 Energy-storage cell shipment ranking recently released by InfoLink Consulting.

Against the global energy storage market downtrend of 2.2 percent decrease, EVE Energy’s overall quantity of shipment now has the second highest market share – as of the second quarter of 2024, it has completed a total shipment volume of 60GWh.

“EVE Energy thrives to advance our technical capabilities and elevate quality as the core of our development, to strengthen our resilience throughout the economic cycles, and to expand our services globally to help more customers succeed,” said Liu Jincheng, founder and chairman of EVE Energy.

The significant growth of EVE Energy’s delivered shipments is the result of successful extensive market development, multi-scope operation layout, and continuous technological breakthroughs.

The company is cooperating with a number of well-known global power and energy enterprises. In 2023, EVE Energy signed cooperation agreements with Powin and ABS, totaling 23GWh at the 2023 smarter E Europe exhibition. In April 2024, EVE Energy signed strategic partnerships with HITE Smart Energy, Linyang Energy Storage and JinkoSolar, totaling 19GWh. At the 2024 smarter E Europe held in June, EVE Energy reached another strategic cooperation with Powin with a total of 15GWh.

To respond to customers’ needs promptly, EVE Energy has been carrying out glocal market service strategy to provide global manufacturing, global delivery, global cooperation. In addition to further improving its seven regional headquarters in South China, Central China, Southwest China, Northeast China, Asia-Pacific, and Southeast Asia, the company has also set up offices in Taipei and regional subsidiaries in Singapore and Germany, as well as establishing VMI (vendor-managed inventory) warehouses to provide better, localized services. The company is also planning to build a VMI warehouse and subsidiary in the Americas.

Technological innovation, product development and upgraded solutions are the backbone of EVE Energy’s robust growth. In the first quarter of 2024, EVE Energy launched the Mr. flagship series products, including Mr. Big battery and Mr. Giant system, an Efficient, Simple, and Safe solution that is redefining the Energy Storage System.

“As the estimated energy efficiency of EVE Energy improves by 1 percent, it would bring up the customer’s operational benefits throughout the life cycle by about USD 490,000,” noted Dr. Yuan Dingding, chief technology officer of EVE Energy.

The Mr. Flagship series solution boasts outperforming energy storage efficiency. With a cell capacity of 628Ah, Mr. Big cell adopts the third-generation, high-speed stacking technology, achieving 96 percent energy efficiency. The Mr. Giant system utilizes a minimal integration solution, the world’s first energy storage system with an extra-large capacity and high-efficiency cell, and a standard 20-foot cabinet with energy of up to 5MWh and system efficiency reaching 95 percent.

Meanwhile, the proprietary 3T high-efficiency thermal management technology achieves a more uniform system temperature, maintaining a temperature variance under 3°C, and can even reduce the highest temperature by 5°C. Beyond that, the series incorporates additional thermal management solutions, including unique coatings and integrated liquid cooling systems. These exceptional thermal management actions turn around the problem of larger batteries emitting more heat, efficiently solving the issue of customer concern regarding large battery heat in the TWh era.

It’s also a simple solution to reduce costs for installation and maintenance while releasing more limited resources, such as space and land. On the battery cell level, EVE Energy has reduced the number of cells by 50 percent; the pack design cuts the weld joints, strips, and end plates by half; and the system also reduced the number of information collecting point and the number of cables by 50 percent.

In terms of hardware, Mr. Giant’s minimalist design makes the installation and maintenance of large-scale energy storage power plants a breeze, increasing the simplicity of system maintenance by 50% and reducing the amount of O&M monitoring by 50%, truly reducing the number of spare parts by half and saving effort in installation.

Mr. Giant’s software is equipped with an advanced information management system that integrates AI algorithms to achieve fault diagnosis on the cloud platform and improve operation efficiency. “In addition, it supports a back-to-back and shoulder-to-shoulder system layout that occupies up to 50 percent less land at a capacity of 100MWh.

Offering a blend of affordability, safety, and ease of use, the series is an ideal match for scenarios like large-scale, 4-hour or longer wind and solar energy storage, and shared or standalone energy storage, among others. Following its release, the product has been highly praised by clients, with more than 151GWh of intended customer demand gathered for the next five years.

The Mr. flagship series will be mass produced in China in the fourth quarter of this year and in Malaysia by the end of 2025, further accelerating the establishment of renewable energy structure and jointly achieve the “Dual Carbon” goals with the industry chain.

For more information, please visit https://www.evebattery.com/en.

About EVE Energy

Established in 2001, EVE Energy was first listed on Shenzhen GEM in 2009. After 23 years of rapid development, it has grown into a global lithium battery company that possesses core technologies and solutions for consumer batteries, power batteries, and energy storage batteries, its products are widely applied in the fields of Internet of Things and Internet of Energy.