EVE Energy Promotes Gender Equality in STEM Industry

Female employees account for approximately 31% of its global workforce, 22.7% of leadership positions, and one-quarter of promotion opportunities as of 2022 The proportion of female employees promoted has maintained a steady increase in the past three years

HUIZHOU, China, April 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — EVE Energy, a leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer, is promoting equal and inclusive workplace culture and environment in STEM industry to empower and support women in the industry of energy storage across the organization, in response to the continued global focus on DE&I (Diversity, Equality & Inclusion).

“EVE Energy has made great strides in promoting equal opportunities for women, resulting in the proportion of promotions among female employees has remained stable over the past three year,” said Zhao ling, Vice President of Human Resources Center of EVE Power. “We are dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion, and firmly believe in the value of managing talent through equal and inclusive principles.”

The company’s current data shows that women comprise 31.0% of its workforce, including 32.1% of blue-collar employees and 28.3% of white-collar employees. Additionally, 22.7% of the company’s leadership positions are held by women, and in 2022, women accounted for 25.88% of all promotions.

In the past year, EVE Energy has provided solid support for the career development of female employees. According to promotion data from 2022, the number of promotions for female employees accounted for 22.5% of total promotions, a 4.5% increase over the number of promotions for female employees in 2021, marking another year where female employee accounted for more than one-fifth of total promotions. 

EVE Energy has already made significant progress toward gender equality within its organization, supporting the health and well-being of its female employees. The company provides a range of benefits, including half-day leave for International Women’s Day, 98-days to 223-days maternity leave, and a caring nursing room for mothers. EVE Energy also organizes regular coffee chat sessions to listen to women’s voices. Its hold craft events, lucky draws, and other events to relieve stress and provide care for female employees. The company also runs childcare classes during the winter and summer holidays to relieve the pressure of childcare in dual-income families. Woman employees can then pursue excellence in the workplace without any distractions.

Li Mufen, vice president of EVE Energy, has paved the ground of her career development in lithium battery business management for over 20 years, becoming an expert in her sub-business area and committed to cooperation between industry and academia as well as developing team leadership. She speaks out from a female-professional-perspective during the brand management strategy planning, as well as shaping the corporate management culture of compliance management. Li also pursues personal career development of her own volition, serving as director of the Huizhou New R&D Institution Development Association. In this role, she actively participates in social development and contributes to the high-quality development of the industry and the local community.

One of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is that by 2050, 75% of jobs will be related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), yet currently, women make up only one-third of the workforce in the world’s 20 largest tech companies. In this regard, EVE Energy will further drive its DE&I practice within five key areas:

Equality on promotion opportunities: EVE Energy will set targets for the number of female managers/professionals across the company to foster a diverse, equal and inclusive workplace environment. Targeted Training: EVE Energy will offer specialized training and development opportunities to support women’s career growth in STEM fields. The company will provide relevant materials and courses through its research institutes. Women’s Benefits and Opportunities: EVE Energy is committed to providing equal opportunities and platforms for its female employees. The company will offer a range of benefits to support the unique needs of women in the workplace. Digital Empowerment: EVE Energy will explore how technology can help empower women in STEM and ensure equality and fairness in the workplace. The company will invest in digital tools and platforms to promote equal access to opportunities. Future Opportunities and Platforms: EVE Energy is committed to providing its female employees with access to opportunities and platforms to help them create the future they want. The company will work to promote a culture of innovation and creativity that supports women in STEM.

“We believe that gender diversity and equality are essential for driving innovation and success in the rapidly changing world of technology. Through dedicated practice, we aim to empower women in STEM, support gender diversity across our organization, and create a better future for all,” Zhao ling said.

About EVE Energy 

Founded in 2001 and listed in Shenzhen in 2009, EVE Energy has developed into a global player in the market, providing core technologies and comprehensive solutions for both consumer and power batteries, especially in the Internet of Things and the energy internet. Currently, EVE Energy has set up a research institute with 60 doctors and over 3,400 interdisciplinary R&D engineers in materials, electrochemistry, structure design, and electronic circuit design, obtained over 5,910 national patents in China. The company launched a carbon reduction roadmap with a series of low-carbon reduction efforts in energy use, the manufacturing process, the supply chain, and resource management, and was named a “National Green Factory.” Meanwhile, EVE Energy leverages its BIM technology to provide accurate and reliable data for project management, saving a total of 2,533 tons of standard coal and reducing 16,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

For more information about EVE Energy, please visit https://www.evebattery.com/en.