EVE Energy Honors the Outstanding Employee Growth Story This Mother’s Day

HUIZHOU, China, May 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — EVE Energy Co., Ltd. (EVE Energy), a leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer and energy storage solutions provider, is marking this year’s Mother’s Day by proudly sharing the inspiring story of Zhao Yi, the company’s Director of the President’s Office and International Project Director, as an outstanding woman leader. Zhao’s career and personal growth exemplify the importance of a work-life balance as well as the company’s commitment to fostering a positive work culture.

Born in 1990, Zhao holds a master’s degree from the University of Manchester, UK. During her tenure at EVE Energy in Hubei, China, she has led her team to achieve remarkable success in technical projects and implementing international projects, earning her such prestigious accolades as EVE Energy’s “Outstanding Employee” in 2015 and 2018.

Since starting out as a newcomer to the industry, EVE Energy now ranks among the top ten global power battery manufacturers as well as the top three energy storage solution makers in China. Zhao’s journey with the company demonstrates her exceptional talent and dedication. Transitioning from her role of technical project manager to that of an international project director and eventually to director of the president’s office, Zhao showcased outstanding project management skills, determination, and excellence while leaving a lasting impression on the growth of this billion-dollar new energy company.

Combining research with innovation, Zhao has excelled at overcoming project challenges. In 2014, when EVE Energy’s cylindrical lithium battery capacitors were gaining traction in the domestic intelligent transportation market, demand was growing for card-type products. However, cylindrical SPC (smart payment card) products failed to meet market requirements. In the intelligent transportation market, the limited lifespan of the built-in lithium-manganese CR3032 battery posed a challenge. Zhao, as technical leader, swiftly led a team of five in developing the SPC project, including research and development tasks like project proposals, structural design, and BOM (bill of materials) approvals. Through innovative product development and the application of self-developed production processes, the team successfully produced samples and obtained initial orders. Zhao’s efforts also led to the creation and filing of patent applications for nine utility models and invention patents, earning her patent authorizations.

As International Project Director, Zhao faced significant challenges and pressure when leading her team in completing internal innovation projects, including project approval, research and development, summary, and patent applications. To effectively manage these tasks, she divided complex projects into manageable milestones and raised overall work efficiency while minimizing the impact on her personal life. By adopting the appropriate strategies to handle the pressure, Zhao turned challenges into valuable opportunities. Her project management approach, continuous improvement, and effective communication with customers, R&D teams, and sales departments contributed to the successful implementation of major projects.

Zhao’s role as a mother instilled in her fresh insights into work, life, and personal growth. The nurturing and upbringing of her child highlighted the importance of love from parents, family, and society throughout her own growth journey. Additionally, the process of guiding her child’s development and witnessing their progress gave her a sense of achievement and deepened her understanding of the principles of motivation and guidance. She recognizes the value of recognition and encouragement as she strives to help them excel and applies these principles to team management as well. Her experiences in parenting have become the basis for enhancing her leadership skills.

The roles of a professional and a mother share some commonalities and have a mutually reinforcing effect. Zhao sees herself constantly evolving in both her professional and personal lives. She understands the importance of continuous learning and finds inspiration in her child’s growth and development, as learning has no boundaries.

About EVE Energy

Founded in 2001 and listed in Shenzhen in 2009, EVE Energy has developed into a global player in the market, providing core technologies and comprehensive solutions for both consumer and power batteries, especially in the Internet of Things and the energy internet. Currently, EVE Energy has set up a research institute with 60 doctors and over 4,100 interdisciplinary R&D engineers in materials, electrochemistry, structure design, and electronic circuit design, obtained over 5,900 national patents in China. The company launched a carbon reduction roadmap with a series of low-carbon reduction efforts in energy use, the manufacturing process, the supply chain, and resource management, and was named a “National Green Factory.” Meanwhile, EVE Energy leverages its BIM technology to provide accurate and reliable data for project management, saving a total of 2,533 tons of standard coal and reducing 16,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

For more information about EVE Energy, please visit https://www.evebattery.com/en.