Eureka Ushers in a New Era of Home Cleaning Innovation at CES 2024

Celebrating 115 Years, Eureka Introduces the J20 Robot Vacuum and OmniVerseTM Multi-Function Vacuum – Pioneering Technologies for Effortless and Efficient Cleaning

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Eureka, a century-old leader in home cleaning solutions, celebrated its 115th anniversary with a significant presence at this year’s CES. In a momentous launch event, Eureka unveiled its innovative cleaning solutions, including the groundbreaking Eureka J20 robotic vacuum and the powerful Eureka OmniVerseTM multi-function vacuum. These products signify the brand’s new era of technological advancement and commitment to modern home cleaning solutions.

Eureka: A Century-Old Brand Embracing the Future

Since its inception in 1909, Eureka has been synonymous with innovation and quality in home cleaning. This year, the brand introduced its new tagline, “Life, there’s a Eureka for that” capturing the essence of its mission to provide comprehensive cleaning solutions for every home and lifestyle. Eureka’s product range, from cordless and upright vacuums to portable carpet cleaners and cleaning robots, is perfect for the evolving needs of modern households.

Eureka J20: A Pioneering Robotic Vacuum with Unmatched Capabilities

Eureka is excited to introduce the Eureka J20, which will redefine the robotic vacuum market. The J20’s innovative RollRenewTM Mopping System utilizes a cycling belt mop and dual water tank system to ensure the mop always uses fresh water while cleaning. This system contrasts with conventional robots that typically don’t have a mechanism for removing dirty water while cleaning, making the J20 a game-changer in robotic floor cleaning. The cutting-edge mopping technology enables the J20 to tackle tough, dried-on stains with ease, such as red wine, tomato sauce, and coffee spills.

In addition to its advanced mopping capabilities, the Eureka J20 boasts a powerful 8000Pa suction, adept at picking up fine dust and larger debris.

eureka J20

The J20’s user experience is further enhanced by its all-in-one base station, which combines several functionalities such as completely automatic dust-tank emptying, mop washing, mop drying, dirty water collection, clean water refilling, and detergent adding. Furthermore, an integrated ventilation system with a built-in fan ensures odor control to maintain the fresh and clean environment of your home.

The highly anticipated Eureka J20 robotic vacuum will hit the market in April 2024, with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $1,399.

From now until March 30th, 2024, Eureka extends an exclusive offer to potential customers. Interested individuals are invited to subscribe at the following URL: Upon subscription, they will receive an exclusive discount code, valued at $300.

Eureka OmniVerseTM: An Upright Vacuum Redefining Efficiency and Convenience

Eureka also is excited to launch the OmniVerseTM, the ultimate cleaning companion that combines innovation, power and versatility. Its innovative QuickShift Technology allows user to seamlessly raise, lower and remove the canister for an easier way to clean all areas of home. Even the hard-to-reach spots like under furniture, tight corners, and stairs. The dual-motor design and flooring-type controls deliver an optimized and thorough clean across a variety of surfaces.

In addition, the OmniVerseTM features an anti-tangle brush roll, maintaining optimal performance and eliminating the hassle of untangling hair and cleaning out debris. Its complete seal HEPA filtration system captures 99.9% of dust, dander and allergens*, making it an ideal choice for pet owners and ensuring a fresher and healthier space. Moreover, the OmniVerseTM is equipped with LED headlights, illuminating the path for a thorough and precise cleaning experience.

The Eureka OmniVerseTM is currently available for purchase at $199.99.

*Based on ASTMF1977, particles 0.3 microns and larger.

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