Eureka Unveils the E10S Robotic Vacuum with a Pioneering Bagless Multi-cyclonic Station

BERLIN, Sept. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Eureka, the renowned North American cleaning brand, introduced the cutting-edge Eureka E10S robotic vacuum at IFA 2023. Featuring a distinctive bagless multi-cyclonic station, the E10S promises a burden-free cleaning experience that is both convenient and economical. Alongside, the brand also showcased a versatile wet & dry vacuum cleaner – eureka NEW400, highlighting Eureka’s ongoing dedication to making cleaning not just easier, but enjoyable for everyone.

eureka launch E10S and NEW400 at IFA 2023

Eureka’s Launch Event

At the popular Restaurant Kin Za, Eureka held an intimate unveiling for the Eureka E10S and New400. Post-presentation, the media was invited to personally experience the robust performance of these cleaning marvels. Partnering with 6 German bars and cafés, Eureka’s latest products have become the attention-grabbing stars of the IFA show’s vicinity.

Eureka E10S – Bag Free, Burden Free

The eureka E10S is a groundbreaking robot cleaner equipped with a unique bagless multi-cyclonic station. Unlike most robot vacuums that rely on disposable dust bags, the E10S streamlines the process with its bagless approach. This means users simply empty a dust cup, akin to modern cordless vacuums, at the touch of a button. In addition, the station of Eureka’s E10S is equipped with advanced multi-cyclonic separation technology, a feature recognized as a hallmark in premium vacuums, ensuring efficient separation of dust and fine particles, and maintaining strong, consistent suction. In comparison to traditional dust collection systems, the E10S’s advanced tech prevents premature filter clogging, prolonging filter life and ensuring optimum performance.

But the merits of the Eureka E10S don’t end at technological advancements. From a user perspective, the bagless design promises convenience and savings. There’s no need for constant bag replacement checks, saving both time and ongoing expenses. As a frame of reference, consider the prevailing market rate of $6 for each dust bag. A monthly replacement accumulates over $70 annually—an expense eureka E10S owners won’t incur.

Moreover, the Eureka E10S is a win for the environment. The bagless model conserves resources, and the efficient multi-cyclonic system reduces the frequency of filter replacements, resulting in less waste.

Eureka New400 – Simple, Powerful Cleaning for Everyone

The Eureka New400 is a versatile wet & dry vacuum cleaner designed for modern living. Equipped with a two-tank system, the New400 ensures constant cleaning with fresh water, addressing the longstanding issue of traditional mops that often spread dirty water around. The powerful 120W motor resolves the issue of water stains that plague traditional floor cleaners. By combining all the features expected from a flagship wet & dry vacuum cleaner and offering it at an affordable price of $200, Eureka is aiming to bring the convenience of cutting-edge technology to more consumers.

Pricing and Availability

The Eureka E10S will retail around €479 launching in Germany in early November. The New400 is priced at $199 and is currently available on Amazon in the United States.