EPIK Introduces ‘AI Christmas’ to Continue AI Yearbook Boom

SEONGNAM, South Korea, Dec. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SNOW Corporation (Founder and CEO Kim Chang-wook) announced that it has introduced the ‘AI Christmas’ feature through the AI photo editing app EPIK, which allows users to receive Christmas-themed images based on their input selfie images through generative AI technology.

This service was launched as an extension of the ‘AI Yearbook’, which became a global craze after its first release in September. It is reported that about 30,000 global users have used AI Christmas within a week of its release.

Just like AI Yearbook, users can receive 30 American-style Christmas photos by uploading 8-12 selfies they took themselves. It is currently being sold for $4.99, and EPIK subscribers can use it for $3.99.

‘AI Christmas’ images generated by EPIK

‘AI Christmas’ images generated by EPIK

How to Use AI Christmas

To use AI Christmas, simply open the EPIK app and select the “AI Christmas” tab. Then, upload 8-12 selfies of yourself. Once your selfies have been uploaded, AI Christmas will generate 30 different Christmas-themed photos for you. You can then save your favorite photos to your device or share them on social media.

SNOW’s CEO Kim Chang-wook said, “I’m excited that the millions of EPIK users who have seen incredible results by merging generative AI with their photos can now make the most of the Christmas season with this new feature. I’m committed to expanding EPIK as a platform to capture those extra special moments in our daily lives and to make exploring new technologies feel even more natural.”

Meanwhile, just like AI Yearbook, the images uploaded by users are all deleted from the server as soon as the results are generated, and are not used for training the generative AI engine.