Epic Cloud Wins Taiwan Distributorship for Vpon Big Data

The deal establishes a vast presence for the cloud service company in the data economy

TAIPEI, Feb. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A Strong Alliance of Cloud Services + Data Services

Photo / (from left) Xu Zewei, General Manager of Vpon Taiwan; Arthur Chan, Chief Operating Officer of Vpon; TK Young, Chairman of Epic Cloud; and Zhu Yiqing, Vice General Manager of Epi Cloud

Huge swaths of the world of business now belong to the cloud and data. IDC estimates that in the global big data analysis space, cloud spending in 2023 will surpass that of local deployments for the first time. In this context, MetaAge‘s cloud service company, Epic Cloud, staked out a major role for itself in the growing cloud and data economy with the acquisition of the Taiwan distributorship for Vpon Big Data, a leading Big Data platform provider in Asia.

The future belongs to the cloud and big data

The data economy is growing in size. According to Precedence Research, the global big data market is expected to reach US$346.3 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of 30%. In light of the growing business value of big data, Epic Cloud has, over the last few years,  been aggressively expanding its Customer Experience Data Solutions, a solutions package that help companies accurately capture consumer profiles and convert data and traffic into long-term revenue.

Epic Cloud chairman TK Young said that the future belongs to the cloud and big data, while the resources and applications of both will complement each other. Epic Cloud believes that Vpon’s advanced big data analysis technologies and its mobile database, the richest in Asia, in tandem with Epic Cloud’s Cloud native system integration and development technology, will enable companies to effectively monetize their collections of data.

Vpon takes data as the core, targeting the whole Asia

Vpon is Asia’s leading Big Data company, helping brands extract value from their data. With access to 900 million mobile devices monthly and the 21 billion bits of biddable traffic that are generated through these devices across the Asia Pacific region on a daily basis, Vpon has more than 1,500 of the world’s leading brands as its customers, with operations in Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo and Osaka.

Vpon chief operating officer Arthur Chan said that the company has a long history of providing data-centric, comprehensive data solutions to companies, including data analysis services, advertising, cross-border marketing, and e-commerce performance optimization. The partnership will combine Epic Cloud’s strong technical capabilities in cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to help financial institutions, government agencies and retailers, among other sectors, embark on accurate and compliant digital transformation, while providing users with immediate results in data power and integrated marketing.

The Cloud Native + Big Data monetization solution accelerates business growth

Currently, Epic Cloud’s Customer Experience Data Solution includes the world-leading marketing solution HubSpot, a CRM + Marketing + Sales + Customer Service platform, and Infobip, a one-stop, all-channel marketing platform, which, when combined with Vpon’s leadership position in the data economy, provides a powerful set of tools.

In response to the strong convergence of cloud and big data, Epic Cloud will leverage its expertise in cloud-native applications and combine it with Vpon’s line-up of solutions designed to deliver data-driven business growth, to address the needs of different industries for data navigation and continue to provide more established data monetization solutions.

About Vpon Big Data Group

Vpon Big Data Group (“Vpon”) is Asia’s leading big data company with advanced big data analysis technologies and the richest mobile data in Asia to provide the most effective data core solutions to the market. Founded in 2008, Vpon is headquartered in Taipei and has 8 offices in the Asia Pacific region spanning Taipei, Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Singapore, and Bangkok. The company plans to continue to expand in Asia and into Europe and the Americas. Vpon has an international C-level core management team of top talented persons from various countries, and has also passed the ISO 27001/27701 certification for compliance. With monthly access to 900 million mobile devices, a collection of quality media resources covering the Asia-Pacific region, and a leading team specializing in cutting-edge big data and artificial intelligence technologies, the company provides comprehensive Data Solutions and AI Solutions, including data analysis services, brand promotion, cross-border marketing, performance optimization and enterprise digital transformation, to help customers improve brand recognition and create efficient transactions. Vpon has launched the Wee Global Data Marketplace cross-border data trading platform in Japan and Taiwan, the first of its kind in Asia! It is also the only firm that provides a secure and reliable cross-border data trading environment that connects the supply side and the demand side. To learn more about Vpon, please visit www.vpon.com.